Body to body massage

Tantric and erotic massage in Madrid

Whena man or woman makes love, the reason they only experience an orgasm in the area of ​​the pelvis is because this is the area they are intensely focused on. The mind is a very powerful tool. When you focus and put your intention is where the energy goes. By using a combination of your intention, along with breathing, anyone can circulate sexual energy throughout the body. Breathing is the vehicle that moves energy through the body.
Just take a moment, sitting in your chair. Relax your body and mind, take a few deep breaths. When ready, tighten the perineum, doing a Kegel exercise. As you squeeze, take a deep breath, feeling the energy flowing through your abdomen, into your arms and fingers, through your heart and neck, all the way to the top of your head. Then exhale by mouth. As you exhale, feel and visualize the energy sinking, through your body, into your legs, as you heavier and more earth. Do you feel a slight tingling sensation all over your body? This is the flow of energy. Tightening the perineal muscles, these Kegel exercises are the same muscle contractions that occur during orgasm. This point in the perineum, called the Hui Yin point is well known in Taoist healing energy and Oriental medicine, as it is the meeting point of four different energy pathways that flows throughout the body, connecting with the sacrum, the navel, the crown of the head, and through the legs (See figure). So when we squeeze, we are opening these channels, releasing this energy through our body. It is very possible, the use of Kegel exercises, along with breathing, and conscious intention to have a full body orgasm without any genital stimulation whatsoever.

The following suggestions are a very good guide to experiencing full body orgasms:

Take it easy. Build up sexual energy a little at a time. There is no hurry. Each contact is a complete sexual act. Keep playing and teasing them, so they store the strongest and strongest sexual energy. It’s like filling water in a dam where orgasm is bursting from the prey’s rupture. The amount of sexual energy within you determines both the intensity of orgasm as well as how far your body will go to orgasm.

Practice Kegel exercises daily. At least forty times a day, or four sets of ten. There are also devices available that help strengthen PC muscles. It is recommended to use one of these since the muscle can only be as strong contracting without resistance. Using such a device can make your PC muscles even stronger. This not only strengthens the pelvic muscles for a better climax, but also increases the amount of sexual energy you have inside you. In Eastern medicine, this point is called the “Door of Life and Death”, because it is believed that the energy that maintains the organs and the body is kept strong by having strong PC muscles. Similarly, this energy is drained through this point if there are weak PC muscles. So make sure you do it daily for health as well as to build a good healthy libido. If you never achieve full body orgasm, this alone sets the stage for good sex!

Familiarize yourself with the chakras and the energy system. Chakras, which literally means “spins” and centers or energy vortices in the body.

ay seven chakras: the root, the navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Our energy moves up the body through these chakras. Those very attuned to the energy of the body can actually see the spin on energy in each chakra as it expands outwards. So take a few minutes each day to focus on each chakra. All seven chakras have a specific color as well as negative and positive emotion associated with them. Know these and practice breathing through the chakras, placing your hands on each one as you take deep breaths, focus your intention on each. Let them expand, getting stronger and stronger.

Concentrate on the places that your partner or yourself, stimulate in the moment (It is good to practice in yourself as well). Remember that each contact is a complete sexual act. For example, if you feel a touch on the neck, in tune with the sensations that feel at that exact point. Do not allow thinking about anything else. Be the real contact. Tantra is to make every moment count. Allowing your thoughts to deviate in the way you look, the work you have to do, or what another person is doing right now, is wasting a good time, your time! Put aside your thoughts, and live in every touch!

Finally, during orgasm, let your mind to bring energy to your body just by directing it. If you sit with your orgasm, feel yourself pulling it up through your stomach, chest, neck, finally landing on the crown of your head. Simply place your attention where you want the energy to be, and over time, you are running through the energy. It can take some practice, but after a while, the orgasm will move until you reach the top! Once that happens, the energy can continue to recycle the whole body, having one orgasm after another, not knowing exactly where one ends and one begins.