Lingam massage at hotel and home.

Tantra Luxury massage specialist in tantric massages with connection breaths and tantric healing.

The lingam massage is considered a simple manual termination but it is not.

A good lingam massage for people with erection problems or premature ejaculation helps, along with the massage, also through breathing together with our client and the masseuse, to delay ejaculation and have a healthy sex life.

Make no mistake, the lingam massage is not just for troubled people. Together with a relaxing massage, a fluid and sensitive melee, the lingam stimulates each and every one of the erogenous points of the male genital area for a duration between 15 and 20 minutes so that you can enjoy the hands of our masseuse and in the end can discover the in-ejaculation.

What is in-ejaculation? In-jaculation is non-ejaculation. that is, the male orgasm is taken to a level beyond the physical. Our masseuse makes you have a tantric orgasm. The semen is retained by the body and is expelled by sweating and going to the bathroom.

Is it bad for the body? Of course not. The human body is fascinating, by retaining the semen we make it improve internally, making it work in a healthy and pleasant way. Also doing said in-ejaculation is how the orgasm is prolonged.

Or you can have two orgasms, one internal and one external.

In case you want to improve your sex life in a healthy way such as tantric massage, do not hesitate to call us and make an appointment with our masseuse. We work at hotels and hotels by the hour, also homes. Ask for more information by calling us or by mail.