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Lingam massage in Madrid

Define the word Lingam with the correct terms and we discover its true origin

2-Its correct use in a tantric massage, Thailandes or Balines.

1-Define the word Lingam and discover its true origin:

Lingam is the representative symbol of the god Shiva (belief of Hindu gods)

In Hindu culture the lingam is represented with the yoni together as a totem. They symbolize male and female fertility.

The stambha pillar is also represented by the lingam symbol, representing the infinite nature of the god Shiva.

The lingam, is the erect penis symbolizing the creative power of Shiva.

Lingam represents control over oneself, both of ejaculation and of the ejaculation (of which we will speak later).

2 – Correct use of the techniques called “lingam” in a massage:

The lingam massage is a massage performed in the male genital area, where the sexual chakra is located.

According to Tantra, this chakra symbolizes the union between mind, spirit and body, so this technique is used to explore fullness.

Whether you are the masseur or the recipient, you should know that the objective of tantric massage of the male or lingam is the relaxation of man and his connection with his most sensitive part, which makes possible the exchange of the traditional roles of both Sexes.

The masseur (either girl or boy) uses her own energy and the touch of the hands to perform the lingam massage in such a way as to delay the orgasm or increase the sensitivity of the sexual organ.

Our main goal with lingam massage is the exploration of a new form of pleasure, independent of orgasm. It does not imply the existence of a sexual relationship between the masseur and the client, although of course, it is a tantric massage that can be practiced as a couple, or a couple can be taught in tantric sex.

Do not be afraid of prostatic stimulation because our masseurs are fully formed to perform such stimulation pleasantly and applied with the lingam massage in turn, and increases the duration of the internal orgasm until it is externalized with ejaculation.