Yes, I admit that my preference for foot massages may seem a bit peculiar at first glance. But who can resist the unique combination of relaxation and well-being they offer? For me, this unconventional approach has been a revelation, and discovering that I can fully enjoy them with the professionals at Hotel Tantra has been a genuine find.

In the vast world of massages, where personal preferences are as diverse as the techniques available, discovering the pleasure of being massaged with feet has been an intriguing journey. At first, I felt somewhat insecure about expressing this preference, but over time, I have learned that the key is to turn to professionals who understand the importance of customer comfort.

It is in this context that Hotel Tantra has played a crucial role in my experience. Their professional approach, combined with the skill of their therapists in adapting to individual preferences, has created a space where I can fully enjoy this type of massage without feeling judged or uncomfortable.

Choosing to repeat with the same masseur at Hotel Tantra has taken my experience to a higher level. Familiarity with my tastes and preferences has resulted in more personalized and satisfying sessions. This personalized aspect, far from being an oddity, has significantly contributed to the intensity and fullness of each session.

It is crucial to highlight that, despite the erotic connotations sometimes associated with foot massages, the intensity of the massage and how far one wants to take it, whether towards the relaxing side or the erotic side, is a matter agreed upon in advance with the masseur at Hotel Tantra. Transparency in this pre-negotiation ensures that each customer can fully enjoy the experience according to their own preferences, without unpleasant surprises.

In conclusion, I proudly admit that I enjoy foot massages, and thanks to my choice to visit Hotel Tantra, I have discovered a world of well-being and relaxation that goes beyond the conventional. This personal journey has taught me that the diversity of preferences in the world of massage is something beautiful and that, sometimes, less common practices can offer the most rewarding experiences.