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Frequently asked questions


  • Taxis are included in the price ?! only if your location is within the city center, for locations outside the  areas like the airport you will need an extra for taxis. you can request your massage in any area of ​​the city as long as the extras are paid for the taxi
  • Are you open 24 hours? We do take reservations 24 hours a day but by appointment. The telephone number for reservations is not 24 hours. The phone schedule is until midnight. If you want a reservation later you must raise it in advance.
  • Can I choose the masseuse? In advance yes to guarantee its availability. If you make the reservation with less time we can give you a choice among the masseuses available at that time.
  • How long do I have to request the massage? The maximum, so we can organize and guarantee the availability of your favorite masseuse.