Hotel tantra massage Agency

Head and neck massage

Press your pectoral muscles with the palm of your hand.

Stretch the lateral muscles of the neck, place one hand on the shoulder next to one treatment and the other on the temple. Push the shoulder down once. Change sides and repeat technique.

Stretch the posterior muscles of the neck. One hand on the occipital bone and another hand on one shoulder, thrust the shoulder once and change sides.

Massage the trapezius and neck> first on the side and then on the other side, one hand on the neck and the other part of the prisoners with the thumb by the muscle of the suit and up the neck, the side to the neck

Press and gently surround the nape with the thumb, turn the head and do the same on the other side.

Massage in time> Turn your head and place your five fingers on it, technology in a prison and circles, rests hands on the shoulders and thumbs on the trapezius muscle. Press down the muscle at the same time.

Trapezius to occipital thumbs passing through the neck