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In this mode of massage as in many others, oily lotions are used to increase the pleasurable sensations of the skin. Since they are not water-soluble compounds, despite being in contact with water, the skin is still slippery.

In these humid spaces you can play with both hands and different body parts, with the peculiarity that it would be possible, in the case of a Jacuzzi or if there is a conduit from which water comes out, the possibility of play with the pressures of the liquid on the skin in different areas, which has muscle relaxing properties and in turn, over certain areas, could bring an erotic nuance to the activity.

Usually the temperature of the water is usually warm or warm and this effect is combined on the skin, with pressure play with different parts of the body or with water jets.

A modality that can be integrated in the whole game of massage with water as a key element, it is a question of some stimulation techniques, in which, when the receiver is on a dry surface and in a comfortable environment, liquids are spilled with a pleasant temperature for smooth skin. This procedure, applied especially on the legs in ascending direction, is usually very pleasant.

In all these massages, it will be important to have an accessible towel or bathrobe to avoid the sensation of cold that can occur when you stop playing with the water, otherwise, all the relaxation achieved during the process would be eliminated by complete instantly.