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Most common is the emergence of a high load of body touching on fantasies female than in the male, which is not accidental, since the female erotic is rather more body and delight or ride than the male. Although this fact does not prevent that men do not have this kind of fantasies and enjoy them. Simply, these images appear to a lesser extent in them.

In many cases, the visualization of a mental scene in which an erotic massage, is being carried out is sufficient to achieve a high degree of excitement and even, in some cases, to reach orgasm.

A made that happens before these situations, consists in that the memory stores those experiences enjoyable and exciting, so when is emulates an image similar or similar, is possible the appearance of the same intensity of excitation that it appeared in time lived in the last.

Is frequent the use of the resource of these memories erotic before moments in which appears certain alteration of the libido and, to its time, usually be quite useful the apply different fantasies erotic while is receives a massage to stimulate or push it excitation of the time. Both maneuvers are tools of great value in the expression and experience of erotic sexual pleasure.

Never is of more erotic our mind with the remember of any massage given or received in some moment of our life that us has provided a high degree of pleasure.