Tantra Massage in hotel

Erotic massage with erotic shower.

share the shower with your partner can be a tremendously erotic moment. There are many couples who take the opportunity to caress, to have some private time or have a sexual encounter, pro can also opt for an erotic massage. The massage should be done standing and a not overly large space, so there are some limitations. However, in return, also it has some attractions that make it particularly exciting, as the fact that your partner is completely naked and wet. Erotic massage in the shower should be made up, so we can not work on the legs or feet. For those that these areas of the body like or excite them especially can be a problem, but we still have available the rest of the body, with such erogenous zones such as breasts or genitals. A good way to start the massage can be made a technique to relax the muscles of the other person, especially in those places where a lot of tension builds up, such as the neck and shoulders. Then we can continue massaging your back. To do this, we do small circular movements and pressure with thumbs and knuckles. These pressures must be something stronger than a caress but not enough to prove troublesome. Then we can move on to actual erotic massage, sliding our hands on her butt and inner thighs. Another way to start raising the temperature before soaping erotic massage is the other person. We can begin by soap in less erogenous zones, such as the shoulders or arms and continue more exciting, as we wish. Then we can dispense with the sponge and continue with our own hands, using soap to replace oil massages. Another practice that is extremely erotic to many people is that you wash your hair. It may seem somewhat fetishist, but the truth is that the skin of the scalp is very sensitive, which is particularly receptive to touch. If you also take the opportunity to give a massage with the fingertips, the result can be explosive. On the other hand, we can also include in the massage different supplements that help us do even more erotic, as massage balls, shower gels aphrodisiacs or scented candles with exciting smells.

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