Erotic massage for couples

¿Why choose a body to body massage?

In a melee massage, applied on the skin of your receiver’s essential oils by sliding your body to fill hot oils and pressed into the areas you want to stimulate more. This skin-to-skin contact is very pleasant for both, it also reinforces the confidence because it is a very intimate encounter and liberate Yudan ENDORPHINS that produce great pleasure and well-being. Endorphins, hormones known as “happiness”

Their secretion is continuous, but is subject to influences. He is favored by a relaxed and receptive state of mind, but decreases with stress. Also they change the perception of the past depressions, the sadness and the anxiety diminish. It can force or determine the secretion of endorphins with actions such as: Tantric sexuality, * Laugh * Remember to visualize situations or pleasures. * Massages ,hugs kisses caresses.