Relax massage in Madrid

Pay attention to the following tantric principles to enjoy what will be, perhaps, the best experience of your life

    • simple and natural: do not get attached to fashion or beauty stereotypes, no need to complicate or egos to adhere layers of personality


    • Live spontaneously only get living from the heart, the mind calculates, designs and separates you from the present


    • Look no control but fluency: all control is unnatural .All what you want to control sooner or later escapes as sand between your toes, it is better adapted to the natural movement of things


  • Celebrate existence: Every day is special and are different in each oscasión. This is a choice a state of consciousness
  • Live from freedom
  • Boosts energy
  • Dwell
  • Do not generate conflict between what you feel and what you think.
  • receptive estate open to the universe.
  • Sharpen the mind in the present.
  • Use energy creatively.
  • Take sex as a demonstration two lookng one.
  • Look after the bindu, not ejaculate