We need to maintain the balance between giving and receiving, so that the balance is always present.

The art of Tantra is the art of performing as a LOVER and ARTIST in your life. For that I leave some guidelines in the relationship with your partner.

GIFT: The gift is a rite of worship.
COMMUNICATION: Beyond the verbal level, existential dialogue exists. what tantra calls “secret language”
Like talking with the eyes, the inner being and development of telepathy. It is also called this form of language between LINGAM and YONI in the MAITHUNA.

COMMON PROJECTS AND SUPPORT. Anything they can share the energy with.
MASSAGES: energy exchange where they pass to each other, manages to eliminate the tension of the body and that this one is prepared for MAITHUNA

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Basic principles for enjoying tantra

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Most people are generally accustomed to seeing intimacy as completely disconnected from the social experience they experience, for example, at work, in the family, with friends, and so on. not so much because there are no links and bridges between the two domains, because privacy is hidden and, to some extent, secret,
while the relationships that are part of the routine itself are mostly public.
Consequently, there is a connection between the way a person lives his or her sexuality and the way it manifests itself in the wider world. Let us deepen point by point, in order to clarify as much as possible some important nuances.

Erotic massages with a happy ending

Erotic massages with a happy ending

  • Seduction.
    The first event in the sexual sphere between individuals is seduction. There can be space spontaneously and mysteriously in any place and time, also when least expected; sometimes causes absolute astonishment even the very object of attraction itself!
    Seduction takes in the foreground magnetism and the ability to abandon ancestral force but a social level, also potentially destabilizing.
    The way a person is in the space of seduction can understand many of its characteristics:
    • If it is magnetic, dense, charismatic and tends to attract, or is light, mobile, dynamic and tends to be attracted;
    • If she tends to be easily led to an incomprehensible natural mystery or if she prefers to exercise control over herself and her reality;
    • If you are at peace with your animal part and are divided or are in conflict or reject it;
    How a person moves in the territory of seduction can understand additional nuances:
    • If you carry within me my romantic illusions and fantasies, if you prefer the simple and pure game of Eros or if the coldness that makes you insensitive to this phase prevails in it;
    • If you experience sexual attraction with fun, guilt or embarrassment, or as personal adulation or a probable buildup of attachments and obsessions;
    • Whether it is essential and instinctive, or passionate and aggressive, or sweet and formal, or hedonistic and fanciful.