Exploring wellness through erotic massage: a personal path to wellness
In our daily lives, we are constantly driven by desire. From the
wake up to sleep, each of our senses seeks its own way of
satisfaction. The sight longs for attractive colors and shapes, the ear seeks sounds
pleasant, and so on. However, despite our efforts to
To find happiness, we often face challenges and disappointments.
The search for personal satisfaction leads us to reflect on how we can
find a deeper and lasting connection. Philosophers and spiritual teachers
have explored this question, identifying desire as the root of many of
our problems. The release of this desire, they suggest, is the key to achieving
true happiness.
In this context, erotic massage emerges as a possible way to satisfaction
staff. Instead of seeing pleasure and desire as forces to be avoided, erotic massage
recognizes the powerful energy generated by our desires as a valuable resource
on the path to well-being.
Unlike more cautious approaches, erotic massage embraces desire as a
catalyst for personal transformation. Allows you to experience pleasure in a way
consciously, channeling the energy of desire into a deeper and more
The logic is clear: by cultivating small experiences of pleasure and satisfaction through
erotic massage, we can aspire to total enlightenment in our intimate life. As
Since tantra embraces the energy of desire as a resource, erotic massage invites us
to skillfully use our sexual energy to achieve a state of ecstasy and joy
It is essential to remember that, although erotic massage can be a tool
valuable in our journey towards personal satisfaction, it must be approached with
responsibility and respect. The practice of erotic massage must be trusted
exclusively to trained professionals, guaranteeing a safe experience,
consensual and enriching on our path towards plenitude and satisfaction

to access, even minimally, to the message of Tantra is

need to leave the internal roads that are used to

go, and go beyond. If done with innocence and sincerity can pass

things that seem miraculous.

That is why those who love ‘tantricamente’ they become

themselves in love, while every cell of your being longs and answers

to that called wonderful that leads to a state

always more enlightened consciousness.

Tantric love has immediate merit away from

the intimate physical relationship all those fears associated with it by

ancestral cultural reasons distortions. Phobia often

motivated by impotence disappears because there

Why choose a Mutual massage?

Nowadays, there is a great variety of erotic massages, but without a doubt one of the most pleasant and exciting are those that are performed with the mirror technique.

This technique is part of what are called interactive massages, which are characterized by the fact that the person receiving the massage also participates in it. In other words, there is not one person who gives the massage and another who receives it lying on a massage table, but throughout the session, the two people exchange roles. This exchange can occur in different ways, although the most common is that first one is the one who gives the massage while the other remains lying down and then they exchange places. However, there are also other techniques in which the erotic massage does not take place in turns, but rather there is a permanent interaction between the two people. In them, the two people give and receive the massage simultaneously.


This is the case of massages based on the mirror technique, in which the two people are both the masseuse and the patient. As its name suggests, this type of massage is based on the idea that the other person would be our reflection in a mirror, so they should do the same as us and follow our every move.


To do this we need to have a comfortable place where we will not be interrupted. It is also necessary that the temperature is adequate, since the first thing we must do is undress. Once we have done it, we sit in front of our partner, so that the knees touch. One of the two members of the couple starts the massage by choosing an area and working on it. For example, he can start at the nape and shoulders. When he finishes, the other person must do those same movements. Then the first one will choose another zone and the second one will also repeat it, and so on. After a while, they can switch roles of who decides and who follows the moves. If we need to massage an area of ​​the body that we do not have access to while sitting, we can lie down while that specific technique lasts. It is a very pleasant massage, since it allows us to decide which areas we want to caress and be caressed, but also let ourselves be carried away by the wishes of the other.

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Tantra massage in hotel Madrid with Idaira.

Idaira is a Canarian tantra masseuse in Madrid. it’s a real sweetie. Beautiful long black hair, tanned skin and lush curves.

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She is very dedicated and accommodating, so she will give everything to offer you a very good Tantric massage and a very exciting Lingam ending, so much so that you will want to repeat with a double ending. She will seduce you in every movement with her sensual and highly erotic, tantric postures, in her delicious body-to-body massage she is pure morbidity and excitement.


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She recommended for massages to women, men and couples.


Tantra massage in hotel, these are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about how to receive a tantra massage in your hotel.

Some frequently asked questions and answers:

  • Is the taxi included? If you are inside the city center yes. If you are on the outskirts you have to apply an extra taxi. Like for example Barajas airport.
  • Are you open 24 hours? We do take reservations 24 hours a day but by appointment. The phone number for reservations is not available 24 hours a day. Phone hours are until midnight. If you want a reservation later, you must make it in advance.
  • Can I choose the masseuse? In advance yes to guarantee its availability. If you make the reservation with less time we can give you a choice between the masseuses available at that time.
  • How soon do I have to request the massage? The maximum, so we can organize and guarantee the availability of your preferred masseuse.

Benefits of tantric massage in Hotel Tantra. Tantric massage is a sensual and spiritual experience. Outcall Tantric Massage in Madrid The best erotic massage.

The tantric massage, particularly sensual, has as its first objective the awareness of the body, outside the control of the mind, far from the gestures and automatic behaviors of daily life.

In the tantra tradition, these movements awaken inspiration in women and vital forces in men. Although it can be done without a purely sexual act, it is perfect for men and women who need to circulate their sexual energy, eroticize their relationship.

For those who adhere to this philosophy, tantric massage is a sensual and spiritual experience at the same time.

Benefits of tantric massage. | Hotel Tantra Outcall massage