Erotic massage topless.

*What includes?

  • Professional massage throughout the body. From head to toe.
  • including genital area.
  • Body to body massage.
  • Tantric and erotic postures.
  • Lingam massage or Yoni massage (once).
  • Happy ending.
  • The masseuse wears a thong
  • Duration 60 min.

Tantra massage, erotic and facial massage.

The facial muscles respond in a spectacular way to a good massage session. The techniques for giving relaxing and toning facial massages are ideal for relaxing tensions at the same time, which tone the muscles of the face, helping to define the contour of the face.

Our masseuses master tantric techniques that have been included in their erotic massage that are beneficial for the muscles of the face. We have several points on the face that, when stimulated, relax the facial muscles and in turn tone them.

The temples are very sensitive points on the face that you have to know how to touch. These points are capable of reducing headaches and reducing cranial pressure.

We have more than 20 facial and cranial points that connect with our vital organs that, when touched in the correct way, stimulate and improve the blood flow of our body. The pressure of the massage and the repetition vary throughout the facial and cranial massage to avoid monotony and relax as much as possible.

But we don’t stop there. Cranial pressure can be lowered much more by performing a massage treatment without oils.

This pressure is the result of work stress and it is beneficial to perform a good facial and cranial treatment.

Our experience of more than years as erotic masseuses as well as their study of tantra and its benefits when applying treatments to the entire body, including the head and face.

Energy is very important to know how to handle it when performing these techniques. You will notice that through its energy it transmits serenity and tranquility. Our hands will transmit a pleasant and beneficial heat for both physical and mental relaxation.


  • Cranial massage is also indicated to eliminate congestive headaches, since it facilitates the drainage of the nasal, orbicular and frontal areas, eliminating the congestion of the area that is characteristic of diseases such as sinusitis.


  • The cranial massage fulfills the double objective of eliminating tension and the consequences that derive from it. In addition, it has a general relaxing effect, providing a sense of calm and well-being.


  • The cranial massage is performed with different rubbing maneuvers, micro-pressure on the face and the temporal, occipital and frontal areas of the skull. In addition, the face is treated with rubbing, tapping and other lymphatic maneuvers.

A 15-minute sensation is enough to reach a state of total relaxation.

After a good erotic tantra massage, a facial massage is perfect for a total state of relaxation.

Tantra massage in hotel in Madrid.

Because those of us who do Tantra erotic massages in Madrid mainly value your well-being, we offer you an erotic massage service at a hotel in Madrid.

Without having to move, you can enjoy an unforgettable erotic massage in the comfort of your hotel room. From the hand of spectacular and sensual masseuses we promise you an experience so intimate, pleasant and exclusive that we have no doubt that you will want to repeat it again and again.

The main objective of a tantric erotic massage is for you to achieve the greatest possible sexual pleasure so that the energy flows and you can connect with your Divine essence. Therefore, it is essential that you choose the massage that you like the most. For this purpose, we offer you a complete menu of massages, among which we put at your disposal a wide variety of modalities that can be enjoyed at any hotel in Madrid.

Barbara Spanish erotic masseuse in Barcelona.

Barbara is a young and feminine erotic masseuse. Spanish chiropractic specialist specialized in natural techniques.

Her natural curves and stylized figure make her that irresistible woman that you will not be able to refuse. Experience all the emotions you can imagine as the erotic load of your massages goes up.

It has been perfecting the best and most complete techniques of erotic massage for years and we are currently lucky to have it at your disposal in Barcelona.We stand out for his explosive personality, pleasant conversation, overflowing charisma, and with an unparalleled smile. he will know how to give you a different approach to eroticism and sensuality transmitted by the fire of his body and his soft hands.

The elegance and security that characterizes it can be perceived from the first moment, added all this to an unimaginable mischief.

Treat yourself to a great moment with her!

Always by appointment.

Hours available from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am. to 21.00 pm.

It caters to men, women and couples.

Let yourself be carried away by the best hands.

Eye color: Honey.

Measures: 85/60/90

Nationality: Spanish.

Languages: Spanish English and Catalan.


Erotic massage in hotel Barcelona.

An erotic massage at your hotel, therapeutic and erotic, is an ideal option to de-stress, take care of your mental health and even reduce pain in specific parts of the body. We will help you to let negative thoughts flow through stimulating treatments and to establish a soothing balance between body and mind.

Appointment required to guarantee availability. discretion and satisfaction guaranteed. the best erotic massage in Madrid

If you have come to visit Barcelona, ​​for leisure or work, and you have a very tight schedule, the hotel option is the most appropriate.

Do not move from the room, we move for you.

We guarantee pleasure, therapy and discretion

Satisfaction and discretion.