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Tantra yoga is an ancient mindful spirituality originating in that it draws on the healing powers of sexual energy, heart opening and sensuality to promote change, transformation, vitality and love. Literally, Tantra means “weaving” in Sanskrit, the fabric of energy. The spiritual energy, kundalini is natural tissue, along with our sexual energy in our body. Tantra integrates and weaves together spirituality and sexuality for healthy wholeness. it’s a lifestyle.

For most people today, if asked what Tantra is, there is an immediate association with sex, mysterious, intriguing sexual practices that result in incredible sex with your partner, tantric sex. However, this is only part of Tantra. In truth, everything is Tantra. The way we treat others, the way we breathe, the way we take care of ourselves, the way we like, but that is all Tantra.


Tantra is a path to our true potential, to be spiritually and sexually established in the bliss of freedom and love. Wherever we are right now in the present moment is our starting point. And every day for the rest of our lives is our journey through conscious and loving life. Tantra teaches us that when we worship the inner spirit in lovemaking or in our own sensual experience, mystical awareness and self-realization will eventually occur. Through Tantric practice and Tantra sessions, we become completely absorbed, merging into an ocean of love and light, a light that is so pure and omnipresent that it casts no shadow. We realize that all that we are is living, breathing consciousness. All old worries, thoughts, past impressions and traumas are released, revealing the truth and our purpose in life.