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It is a professional massage, in which the masseuse, in topless, will only take a tham and will mix professional therapeutic massage techniques with erotic, exchanging melee and erotic postures, ending in a lingam massage, it is the ideal massage if you have little time and it is the first time you contact us, since it is a way to have a first contact and see if you like our style to the time to perform massages.

They work all areas of the body, back, legs, buttocks, head, and the most intimate.
Yes you like it a lot … you can always extend the time!!
Taxis are included as long as you are inside the city centre.

Enjoy Erotic massage in Madrid. Tantra Massage, body to body massage, the BEST Outcall massage service

If you’re traveling on business, you can make it a pleasure. A erotic massage is as accustomed as you are to travel

Travelling together is a very common option, erotic masseurs have a very good willingness to travel, it is an exciting adventure with glamour.

Especially when it comes to a trip for several days, it is important to contrast in detail the wishes of you, with the characteristics and desires of the masseuse to ensure as much as possible a good feeling, both at the level of coexistence and intimacy, we have the statistical satisfaction that the vast majority of travel experiences are very successful





Footjob outcall massage in Madrid. Erotic footjob massage and foot fetish, footjob in Madrid,sensual massage with feet,kiss them and adore them,happy ending with feet

Footjob, (literally “work with the feet ” or “footwork “) is a word of English origin, derived from the term “sex”, to refer to the sexual practice with the feet, Although this practice is closely related to foot fetishism, it is not exclusive, and is also usually practiced as domination. It should be remarked that it is not a unique practice towards man. This practice is also done in women, of course, with some differences.It is considered part of foot fetish if there is an exclusive interest in that part of the body. Other related terms are the toejob, centered on the toes and the solejob, with the soles of the feet.

In this activity is placed the feet (usually barefoot, but also with heels, boots, sandals or socks) on the penis, and caresses it with the soles of the feet or toes.

They enjoy practicing with their partners The Footjob technique, which consists of an erotic massage practiced with the feet.


Enjoy our erotic massage with the feet and foot fetishism, footjob in madrid, sensual massage with the feet, our masseuses specialists in footjob highlight eva and lucia, they have small and beautiful feet, very sexy, that you will not be able to resist, in addition to giving you the massage with your feet, you can caress them, kiss them and adore them, and finish your orgasm with feet,happy ending with feet

If you like sexy and well-kept pretty feet, small and talented, book your footjob massage and we will massage your hotel with footjob in Madrid


Literally means “sacred place or temple”. In Tantra, the vagina is the worshiped sacred part of the woman’s body, which must be treated with care and respect. Yoni massage is a sensual body shape that can build trust between the donor and recipient, as well as connect the receiver to its inner sensual nature resulting in a feeling of complete well-being, satisfaction and joy. Although Yoni massage can be very stimulating, the purpose is not to bring women to orgasm. Rather, it is to relax the receiver and to make the emotions surface so that she is free to express her powerful, natural, natural, orgasmic. The experiences and sensations that a woman can have during the Yoni massage can be very different, ranging from anger, lust, sadness, or even indifference. Everything is possible and everything is allowed. Yoni massage is not about focusing on a special kind of feeling or fulfilling a particular expectation. The idea is simply to witness the recipient and to honor and respect their feminine nature as a divine goddess. Before beginning the massage, you should look into each other’s eyes as you embrace and engage in deep, relaxed, synchronized breathing. In this way, the donor and the receiver are connected to a deep level, creating the opening and the ground on which the yoni massage will grow. Both the donor and recipient should remember to keep their breathing deep, slow and relaxed throughout the process. When both are ready to begin the massage, the woman lies on her back with a pillow under her head and another under her hips to elevate the pelvis. She bends her knees and opens her legs to expose her Yoni. Sit comfortably between your legs with your legs crossed. You may want to sit on a pillow or cushion. Begin by massaging other parts of your body to encourage relaxation, start taking deep breaths, and relax your muscles. Gently but firmly massage the legs, thighs, stomach, chest and arms before venturing into the Yoni.

Then massage the pubic area and then move to the inner thigh area. With the right hand (the right hand is used to balance the polarity of the Tantra), apply a high quality oil or lubricant to the Yoni mound, which pours enough to drip from the labia majora and covers the exterior of the Yoni. Gently rub the oil on the outer lips of the Yoni. With your thumb and index finger, gently squeeze each lip, sliding your fingers up and down the entire length of each lip. Then repeat this process closely with each inner lip of the vagina, varying the pressure and speed of the touch based on what feels good. Then gently rub the clitoris in a circular motion, to the right and to the left.Then squeeze the clitoris between the thumb and forefinger. Then, slowly and carefully, insert your middle finger into your Yoni. Very gently explore and massage the inside of the Yoni with your finger. Variation of the speed and depth of your finger, feel inside the Yoni up, down and around. With the palm up and the finger inside Yoni of your partner, bend your finger to make contact with your G-spot, known as the “sacred place” in Tantra. Continue the massage, testing different speeds, pressures and movements . Hold your breath and look lost in the other’s eyes.

You can have powerful emotions arise and you feel like crying or laughing. This is simply the blocked energy that is released and is very healing. Just hold your breath as the massage continues. If orgasm occurs, continue breathing. Do not hold back, scream, shout, release energy and emotions. This is your safe healing time. And remember that breathing is very important to continuously move the energy throughout the body. This also improves the healing aspect of yoni massage. More orgasms can occur, each gaining in intensity. In Tantra this is called “the wave”. Many women can learn to be multi-orgasmic with the Yoni massage and the patient, loving partner.Keep the massage until told otherwise. Very slowly, carefully, and consciously remove the hands. The Yoni massage creates a space for the woman to relax and get into a state of great excitement and experience so much pleasure from her Yoni. Let her just lie there, maybe cover her with a blanket making a hot cocoon around her body, and let her enjoy the glow of the Yoni massage. This is a time of great deep peace as you experience the joy of witnessing this special moment.

Benefits of massages

It is anti stress, soothes emotional stress, decontraction and relaxes muscles, since it increases the blood circulation, eliminating waste products accumulated in the blood stream. At the level of the circulatory system, reduces the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. The person experiences a sense of calm and tranquility.

Decreases pain, improves the circulation of blood nutrients and oxygen arrive faster to areas in need. It reduces inflammation and improves the healing of wounds. Specialist hand contact with our body gives comfort, also regulates and relieves tension psycho-physics.

It provides greater elasticity to the skin, it becomes smooth and soft. In the digestive system, they increase gastric secretions, improving stomach and intestinal problems. It strengthens the immune system, having better and greater circulation of blood in the body, detoxifies it and as a result can cope more effectively to disease

How to start a good massage session?

In principle, the place must be quiet, and decorated for the situation. The person requesting a massage needs tranquility. It would be good to talk to the therapist about our tastes, if light we like soft music, some aroma in particular, above all must be subdued, and air-conditioned environment.

We welcome you to Outcall massage in Madrid ,erotic and tantric and thailand massage in Madrid. 

We have a wide range of Thailand and Balinese massages, with diferents and complete techniques. Enjoy your favorite massage in your hotel room. We move for you.

Discretion, experience and puntiality are our priority.


Massage that fuses the talent of the feet, with the rest of techniques of thailnds and footjob.

Delight yourself with the magic that our masseurs will make you feel with this exceptional integral massage.

It is a bali massage

Thailand massage, Massage Balinese, Relaxation every your body, Optional bali shower, Complete back massage, Cervical and posterior relaxing and stimulation, Cranial and facial massage, Thai massage, Soothing , Hand and arm massage

I have a special erotic massage service in hotel in Madrid, and surroundings in which we offer our exclusive massages the hands of our most skilled masseurs.

Magic and technology mix to provide the most exclusive massage. The five senses are the protagonists of this treatment, to invite you to an unforgettable experience.

We take care of every detail to offer the best service, a combination of mind-bodyrelaxation and pleasure, transporting  to the hotel room, always with great discretion.

Outcall massage in your hotel room, hotel massage madrid, outcall massage madrid the BEST Outcall massage service in Madrid erotic massage with Happy ending

 Balinese massage is an ancestral therapy for self healing. Its procedure is the island of Bali.

This is what is known as Jamu (Indonesia’s own medical system). The traditional Balinese massage in a combination of techniques, including acupressure, massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and stretching in the same session.

It is carried a corporal with natural oil that is applied by the whole body that realizes a medium / high pressure. The massage oils used during the session have a calming effect and their sensual influence induces deep states of calm and relaxation. The fundamental characteristic of the Balinese Massage is its effective and powerful relaxing, therapeutic and healing effect.

As in other massages, one of the main goals is to achieve a relaxed state of mind. The natives of the island grow that to have a true relaxation should give a good flow of blood throughout the body. His belief is that when blood and oxygen are flowing freely the Qi, (vital energy), will flow freely as well. This massage is also designed to deeply relax the tense muscle tissue, working it at a deep level. One of the techniques to use the knees to put the greatest pressure on the tensed tissues of the body.

The Benefits of Millennial Massage Techniques Balines Son:

-Eliminate the attention and loads accumulated in the back.
-Through the shoulder blades, arms and forearms. From the shoulders to the tips of the fingers we release the accumulated tension in the musculature
– In the rib cage, it favors the heart rhythm and inhabits the energy channels for a better function of the heart.
-When draining legs and feet, it promotes circulation and mobility.

Performing a melee stimulant we get the excitement that you gentleman seeks.

But if you want you can enjoy the relaxing and stressful massage without eroticism.

The choice is yours.

Erotic massage in Hotel in Madrid.

Currently in the majority of hotels of luxury or semi-luxury, in Madrid usually offer the service of massage therapeutic. However, is certain that being Madrid a capital important in travel of business, or simply of relaxation and rest, them executives and vacationers requested each time more another type of massage, as would be them massage erotic, massage Tantric or simply massage sensual. That itself out of the prostitution. Are customers that seek something different to the sex, pass a while nice with a beautiful masseuse, for de-stressing of the day or simply to relax is before make them activities daily
logically normal is that the masseuse carry get all the material that you is precise to perform the massage the massage usually perform is in it own bed of the hotel, for a greater comfort customer. Is important that when arrives the masseuse, your already are showered and clean, and that the masseuse is shower in it own room, think that the massage is performed with all the body and in all the body, by what it cleaning is very necessary thinking that the massage is performed with all the body and in all the body, by which the cleaning is very necessary. What type of massage erotic is can perform in the hotels? Some of them massage more offered are: massage interactive mutual massage: in this massage the client in a time of the massage can interact with the masseuse, caressing it and doing you certain massages guided by she. The rest still being a massage erotic made with all the body of the masseuse. To these massages also s les called massage body to body. Massage Tantric: here is include a great diversity of massage and positions tantra. Massage four hands: If have capacity economic is an option to have in has, that can have more fabulous that be with two beautiful masseuses that during the time agreed are stroking you and massaging you, dedicated one hundred by hundred to you.   Starting from here already only you is enjoy. You recommend reduce the light, and if you have computer with good music and soft, it put to work. If not like or you gives shame that a masseuse is people in the hotel, always can go to a centre of massage, that is in a place discreet.

Erotic massage in Madrid, erotic massage at your hotel rooms. Outcall erotic massage service in Madrid. By appoiment erotic massage in hotel Madrid



Most common is the emergence of a high load of body touching on fantasies female than in the male, which is not accidental, since the female erotic is rather more body and delight or ride than the male. Although this fact does not prevent that men do not have this kind of fantasies and enjoy them. Simply, these images appear to a lesser extent in them.

In many cases, the visualization of a mental scene in which an erotic massage, is being carried out is sufficient to achieve a high degree of excitement and even, in some cases, to reach orgasm.

A made that happens before these situations, consists in that the memory stores those experiences enjoyable and exciting, so when is emulates an image similar or similar, is possible the appearance of the same intensity of excitation that it appeared in time lived in the last.

Is frequent the use of the resource of these memories erotic before moments in which appears certain alteration of the libido and, to its time, usually be quite useful the apply different fantasies erotic while is receives a massage to stimulate or push it excitation of the time. Both maneuvers are tools of great value in the expression and experience of erotic sexual pleasure.

Never is of more erotic our mind with the remember of any massage given or received in some moment of our life that us has provided a high degree of pleasure.

Outcall massage in Madrid,enjoy our exquisite services erotic massage with maximum comfort and discretion, without moving from your hotel. best erotic massage.



Today, because of our stressful pace of life, we are at the end of the day, extremely tired, tense, nervous, stressed, and in many cases in a hotel room where we have a bed that is not ours, and therefore do not get the rest necessary to recover from a hard day of work and travel.

In Tantra luxury are fully aware of this situation which occurs in many of our customers, and therefore we want to facilitate that State of relaxation that is so important for our physical and mental health and in this way, deal with the day to day with renewed energy.

For this reason, created the service of massage at home in Madrid, because we want that nothing prevents him from enjoying the pleasures of the best erotic massage in the capital, where we have spectacular masseuses, shaped to perfection for our customers in the different types of massages we offer in Tantra luxury, using exclusive oil y in this way to achieve a more satisfactory massage to our clients by the high degree of eroticism we get with the massage and the excellent state of relaxation that occurs in hindsight.

For all those people who are passing through Madrid and who want to enjoy our exquisite services erotic massage with maximum comfort and discretion, without moving from your hotel, we invite you to know us and to live this experience extremely enjoyable and exciting where you get your satisfaction, no doubt, will be our …

During the session of erotic massage you will achieve a special state of weightlessness and bliss that you have had hardly ever experienced before in your life. You’ll receive a tangible effect of an energy surge, pleasant sexual excitement, complete harmony with yourself and with the world around you.

Choose your favorite model to receive your professional and erotic massage in the room of your hotel, choose your masseuse


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