Outcall massage Madrid Hotel Tantra. Madrid is known for its vibrant nightlife and amazing culture. But it is also home to some of the best outcall massage services in the world.

Outcall massage in Madrid offers a variety of services including erotic massages, Tantric and erotic massages and traditional massage. It is an ideal way to relax after a long day or a stressful week. These services are provided by experienced professionals who know how to provide you with the best experience possible.

 Whether you are looking for an outcall massage in Madrid to rejuvenate your body or just want to experience something new, there are plenty of options available for you. With so many choices available, it can be difficult to decide which one is the BEST outcall massage in Madrid that will meet all your needs and expectations.

Looking for the best outcall massage in Madrid? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top-rated outcall massage services in Madrid that offer erotic and tantric massages to hotels From traditional Thai massages to sensual body-to-body massages, our masseuses can provide you with an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or stimulation, we have the perfect massage for you. Enjoy a luxurious spa experience in your hotel room without having to leave your comfort zone. Book an outcall massage today and let us take care of all your needs!

We have compiled a list of the top-rated outcall massage services in Madrid that offer erotic and tantric massages to hotels

Lola is our young Spanish erotic masseuse of great sympathy, smiling and great seductress, with a power of attraction that will not leave you indifferent at any time.


Lola has a statuesque and exuberant figure, she is a specialist in making you reach the most absolute pleasure just with the touch of her hands.


If what you want is to spend a time full of sensuality, she will take you to feel a great experience thanks to her sensuality and her overflowing energy.


Your choice with her will be perfect so that your tantra massage session reaches the hottest peak between your bodies.


With an elegant figure, black hair and a toned gym body, Lola will enchant you not only because of her beauty, but also because of her skills as a masseuse due to her experience, her tantric postures and the rhythm of her body rocking over yours to the sound of soft music. and slow that will make you enjoy every movement. Cover yourself with the aura of sensuality from her and positive energy from her.


You will feel an immense pleasure mixed with a delicious ending that will culminate with all your wishes.


She is a specialist in erotic showers, because she does not have any type of taboo and she will help you experience new forms of fun at the same time.


With Lola your tantric massage session will have been worth it, call now and book an appointment, what are you waiting for?




Young, educated, elegant, great body, Spanish, different, sensual and very sweet.

Attentive and committed to her work, she will knead every bit of your body with her expert and sweet hands at the same time.  Her massages are real, she uses the appropriate pressure of a real chiromassage in the first part and the second is dedicated to your sensitive relaxation in an exciting and prolonged session.

Also combining therapeutic techniques with foot massage or foot fetishism.
*special.( FOOTJOB )

Qualified professional massage therapist (demonstrable).

!Eye!  creates addiction!

If you want something more exciting, the art of sensual massage is one of the oldest in the world.
Natural oils, slow movements full of eroticism, exciting touches with different intensity on the entire surface of the body.  It enhances the circulation of sexual energy, increases vitality, physical strength.

It also teaches you to increase your ability to control pleasure, desire, to find ecstasy.  Serves classy gentlemen who want an authentic chiromassage with exquisite treatment.

You will notice the difference. Your time and investment will be well spent

100% real photo.  What you see is what you will find.

APPOINTMENTS AT LEAST ONE HOUR IN ADVANCE.  The maximum to guarantee availability.

Book your sensual massage at a hotel in Madrid.

In this treatment, our professional masseuse will arrive very discreetly at your door, and will set the mood with candles, incense and sensual music.

She will turn your room into a tantric sanctuary; Using her sensuality and charm, to give you just a drop of our ocean of sensations, during this simple treatment you will experience an erotic and tantric vibe that will give you an idea of ​​all the massages that our agency has to offer you.

If this is your first time with us, we really recommend a 60 minute massage because with this sexy nude service you will get 100% satisfaction. Although time is also extensible.

In all our treatments, the masseuse will use high quality oils, preheated to your choice or cold, creams to wrap you in a wave of sensuality and eroticism that will surely revitalize your body and mind, She will use her body, she will use tantric and erotic techniques in this massage full body, before concluding the treatment with a happy ending.

Massage and its benefits Hotel tantra. Check our prices and our variety of erotic massages. They help relax, Improve circulation, Help eliminate toxins,help you sleep better.

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. ¡Visítanos!Massagesage and its benefits. To next, some of them:

  •  They help relax
  •  They help our lymphatic system
  •  Improve circulation
  •  Help eliminate toxins
  •  Calman muscle pain
  •  It helps stimulate the glandular system which stabilizes hormones.
  •  It helps relieve pressure on the back, neck and joints caused by poor posture or muscle weakness.
  •  They help you sleep better

Erotic massages a good way to break the ice! Hotel Tantra erotic massage in hotel madrid and barcelona. Outcall massage service in Madrid and Barcelona

Most people are generally accustomed to seeing intimacy as completely disconnected from the social experience that one has, for example, at work, with family, with friends, etc. In a certain sense this is true, but not so much because there are no links and bridges between the two spheres, but because intimacy is hidden and, to a certain extent, secret,

while the relationships that are part of the routine itself are mostly public.

Consequently, there is a connection between the way in which a person experiences her sexuality and the way in which it manifests itself in the world, in a broad sense. Let’s go deeper point by point, in order to clarify as much as possible some important nuances.


The seduction.

The first event in the sexual sphere between two individuals is seduction. Space can be made spontaneously and mysteriously anywhere and at any time, even when least expected; sometimes it provokes absolute amazement even the very object of the attraction itself!

Seduction brings to the fore magnetism and the ability to abandon oneself to a stupendous ancestral force but, on a social level, also potentially destabilizing.

From the way a person is in the space of seduction, many of its characteristics can be understood:

• If it is magnetic, dense, charismatic and tends to attract, or if it is light, mobile, dynamic and tends to be attracted;

• If you tend to get carried away easily into an incomprehensible natural mystery or if you prefer to exercise control over yourself and your reality;

• If you are at peace with your animal part and have fun, you are either in conflict or reject it;

Additional nuances can be understood from how a person moves in the territory of seduction:

• If she carries within her a thousand illusions and romantic fantasies, if she prefers the simple and pure game of Eros or if the coldness that makes her insensitive to this phase prevails in her;

• If she experiences the sexual attraction with fun, guilt or shame, or as a personal flattery or a probable accumulation of attachments and obsessions;

• If you are essential and instinctive, or passionate and aggressive, or sweet and formal, or hedonistic and fanciful.

Erotic massage in hotel in Madrid and Barcelona.

If you are in Barcelona or Madrid and want to relax, forget about stress with an erotic massage, at the Hotel Tantra agency we can provide you with the best luxury masseuses for your well-being.

Let yourself be seduced and enjoy our beautiful masseuses. They will slowly run their hands over your body until you feel maximum pleasure, which will culminate in an ending full of sensuality and eroticism.

Our masseuses can offer you different types of erotic massages…

Relaxing erotic massages in which the masseuse, naked, will go through your body, seducing you little by little until you end up caressing you until the end, everything you can imagine.

Or with a sensual erotic massage, in which the masseuse will walk with her body, slowly, all over your body, offering you all the pleasure and eroticism until it ends just as you imagine.

But if you really want to achieve maximum pleasure, you need an erotic melee massage. A morbid, suggestive massage, full of eroticism and sensuality where the masseuse, naked body to body with yours….

What are you wishing for? Do not think about it and if you are in Madrid, Barcelona or and you fancy an erotic massage in the company of our beautiful Spanish masseuses, you just have to send a message or by Whatsapp and you will have your favorite masseuse in your hotel room to enjoy the best erotic massage.

Outcall Massage in Madrid
Why take time out of your busy schedule and visit us at Madrid Tantric Outcall? Just call for our Visiting Massage Service. Our outcall massage Madrid will bring an unforgettable experience directly to you in any Central Madrid Hotel. Our highly professional therapist of your choice will be right at your doorstep ready to deliver to you an exquisite massage treatment, rejuvenating your mind, body & spirit!

We bring to you a wide range of treatments, Nuru massage, Tantric Massage, Nude Massage the list goes on please ask the receptionist for our full catalogue of therapies available to you.

The benefits of our outcall massage service
The outcall massage is that we offer takes all the burden out of your busy schedule. So no more running against the clock to squeeze time in your hectic routine and visit us! Just relax and find out a convenient time and call us up to book an appointment! Our outcall massageMadrid and Barcelona package is specially designed for your convenience. All you need to do is to book an appointment and choose a therapist! We will do the rest!

Outcall massage Madrid and Barcelona
What can you expect from us?
Our outcall massage Madrid and Brcelona are indeed immensely beneficial for you as our therapist of your choice will not only visit your place but will have all the time in the world to listen to your needs and issues. This will enable the professional to provide the right kind of therapeutic massage that will address your needs!

Our mobile massage therapists will ask you in detail about any recurring injuries or any underlying ailments. It will help them to design a unique and perfect massage to meet your exact needs. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations

For further details, simply call us up or send an email. We will be ready and waiting to match you with the right therapist for your desires.

We attend by appointment throughout the community of Madrid

contact us Maximum advance to guarantee the availability of masseuses

we use whatsapp

Please, follow this easy instructions and book your erotic massage:


-Hotel name/adress/apartamen

-Room/number apartamen

-Massage and minute

-Your name


Contact us at +34 605 09 28 73

click and choose one of our masseuses

outcall massage in Madrid

Erotic massage topless.

*What includes?

  • Professional massage throughout the body. From head to toe.
  • including genital area.
  • Body to body massage.
  • Tantric and erotic postures.
  • Lingam massage or Yoni massage (once).
  • Happy ending.
  • The masseuse wears a thong
  • Duration 60 min.

Erotic massage in Madrid with Natascya.

If you are a gentleman who wants to meet a real luxury erotic masseuse then do not hesitate to quote Natascya.


She is a feminine lady, she dresses very elegantly and takes care of every detail of her image. She in turn has an affectionate, sweet and romantic personality.

She is a refined, tall, beautiful and pleasant masseuse.

She has spectacular blonde hair and an incredible body.

Specialties within erotic massage:

  •  prostate massage
  •  Therapeutic
  •  Thais
  •  lingham massage
  •  Body to body
  •  Relaxing and decontracting

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