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The role of sexuality in the tantric spiritual path

It is necessary to remember a fundamental point: practices related to sexuality are only a small part of Tantra, just as the sexual sphere is just one of the spheres that constitute existence.

human. These teachings, therefore, in Tantra are of the same

importance than those on meditation, breathing,

purification, philosophy, alignment of body and mind.

In this path we focus on the aspect of sexuality, since this

Unlike others, it has been left aside: indeed, while yoga

and meditation have spread like wildfire all over the world, everything

that has to do with sacred sexuality has so far shown only

his shadow, so to speak, at least at the mass level, leaving his side

luminous yet hidden for most.

Let us then discover what is the role of sexuality in Tantra.

Some clarifications are necessary, considering the usual confusion

which tends to be made on the topics “love” and “sex”.

When sexuality is spoken of in Tantra, it refers to a set

of knowledge about love. In some mentalities there is a

distinction between sex and love; in Tantra no, sex is

considered as one of the human manifestations of love. The

fact that it is pleasurable, instinctive, sometimes animalistic or

fun does not deprive him of the role that rightfully belongs to him, that

expression of love, the most ancestral, original, natural and powerful in


Sex and love in Tantra are considered sacred, they are the highest

representatives of divine energy in human beings. For his

very nature, sex and love are ungovernable, mysterious,

surprising, inexhaustible, they never cease to amaze and teach. It is

obvious that to capture this sacred aspect it is necessary to awaken a

certain kind of sensitivity that often, being prisoners of the

daily routine and the material issues of life, tend to be

asleep, sometimes for years. A sensitivity that, among other

things, puts in direct connection with the vulnerability and the “smallness”

of the human being, who faced with the immensity of the universe and the

miracle of his eternal breath, it cannot be re-dimensioned and relativized

himself, reintegrating into nature. sexuality in the

Tantra is inserted within this type of perception of reality.


There is a substantial difference between the flow of love and the feeling

institutionalized. We find the latter in different forms,

depending on the culture to which we refer; on the

Western is present in commitment and marriage, for

example. Society, to be stable and lasting, needs to crystallize

in a certain way the relationships that act as a pillar in the groups

humans; among these there is no doubt the couple, which is formed

spontaneously and within which the reproduction of the

human species. This relationship, having revealed itself as one of the

pillars of humanity, in many cultures it has been institutionalized,

in order to make it more solid and durable, and to ensure a

overall balance of society.