Exploring relaxation and eroticism therapies with Hotel Tantra

In my constant search for balance and well-being, I decided to take my life to the next level.
Last experience with Hotel Tantra. My choice wasn’t just based on amenities of the room or the view from the window, but also in the promise of exploring relaxation therapies that they offered me.

The moment that captured my attention was the opportunity to enjoy a massage in the comfort of my room. Although initially I felt a little
reserved, the idea of experiencing a therapy that promised balance and connection with my own body was irresistibly attractive.

The session began with an introduction by the therapist, who radiated professionalism, beauty and empathy. He explained the fundamental principles of massage focusing on the mind-body connection and the opening of channels of energy.  Although I felt a little anxious at first, the welcoming attitude and The therapist’s skill quickly dispelled any discomfort.

The room was transformed into an oasis of serenity. Delicate aromas and music provided the perfect backdrop for this unique experience. As the session progressed, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the massage Tantric did not only focus on the physical aspect but also incorporated Breathing Techniques. The mind-body connection I experienced during the tantric massage was profoundly transformative. Not only did the therapy release physical tension, but it also allowed my mind to sink into a state of calm and awareness Full. It was as if the therapist’s every move was designed to awaken my senses and allow the energy to flow freely through my body. By the end of the session, I felt in tune with myself in a way I had never felt before.

I had experienced it before. The combination of serenity and tantric therapy created. A sacred space for relaxation and introspection. It was also a lesson about the importance of exploring new forms of well-being. In conclusion, my adventure in the world of wellness therapies with Hotel Tantra.

Not only did it deliver, but it exceeded my expectations. It was a reminder that, in the midst of our busy lives, we must take the time to explore and nourish our inner well-being. Not only was this trip physically rejuvenating, but It was also a profoundly spiritual experience full of eroticism that led to my finding balance on a new level.

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Benefits of tantric massage in Hotel Tantra. Tantric massage is a sensual and spiritual experience. Outcall Tantric Massage in Madrid The best erotic massage.

The tantric massage, particularly sensual, has as its first objective the awareness of the body, outside the control of the mind, far from the gestures and automatic behaviors of daily life.

In the tantra tradition, these movements awaken inspiration in women and vital forces in men. Although it can be done without a purely sexual act, it is perfect for men and women who need to circulate their sexual energy, eroticize their relationship.

For those who adhere to this philosophy, tantric massage is a sensual and spiritual experience at the same time.

Benefits of tantric massage. | Hotel Tantra Outcall massage

Tantric sex courses and workshops are abundant nowadays and drive significant amount of attention from general public. People are eager to learn and explore their own sexuality and that of their partner.
Surprisingly though, tantric sex is not about orgasm. It simply not the main objective of Tantra, believe me or not. It is about intimacy, connection and feeling. Intimacy is about trust. You have to trust your partner to be truly close.
There are variety of techniques that allow the partners to achieve the abovementioned.
Establish The Contact With Your Partner
Keep your eyes open during the foreplay and the sex itself. Create that deep eye contact that allow you to sink into each other’s depth, to perceive the partner not just as a person, but to see him/her as an incarnation of the Divine, to see the true majestic spirit of their being. This is very important in tantra, but many couples find it unexpectedly difficult to do. We are so used to make love with our eyes shut, it takes some time and practice to break that habit.
Breathing In Synch
In tantra, is believed that the breath is carrying the energy, so when two people are breathing in tune with each other, they create a common energy space between them. It is hard to overstate the importance of such tuning in, and the results are often surpass all expectations.
Create Sacred Space
You would need to create a place just for love making (and all pre and post plays of course). Choose the area in your home which you can decorate with soft fabrics and candles. Use sensual aromatic oils, such as ylang-ylang and rose and create a pleasurable musical background. Here nothing should disturb you and turn you away from each other. This place is only for you two. and it is for lovemaking, not for discussing your daily concerns!
Don’t Speed Up!
For tantric sex, you should never be in a hurry. It’s all about feeling the finer subtleties of touch, sensual delicacy and unhurried enjoyment. Forget everything you’ve seen in the porn movies – here its gonna be the opposite!
Final Tips
You should always respect your partner and their desires. Talk to each other openly to find out what are your partner’s dreams, wishes and desires. What turns them on might very well be not what you expected! Wise and delicate approach is what distinguishes tantric approach to sex from modern western sexual habits of the most people. Be a sexual luminary,  practice tantra!