Enjoy your erotic massage in a hotel in Madrid with Sara. Sara is our hot and voluptuous Latina erotic masseuse. With a beautiful face, full lips and a perfect and exuberant body that will slide over you in the hottest erotic massage sessions you can imagine. His penetrating and erotic gaze and all the sensuality that his mere presence gives off complete his profile as an ardent and very accommodating masseuse, who will make your massage take you to the peak of pleasure.


Feel all its fire in a perfect melee interaction, for those who want to feel the most exquisite and elevated pleasures, and reach absolute ecstasy.


With her you will discover what an erotic massage full of unforgettable sensations really is, since she masters all the arts of erotic massage and you will know how to find the most erogenous points of your body, so that you can enjoy the sensory experience that you have always wanted.


Enjoy your erotic massage in a hotel in Madrid with Sara. Sara is our hot and voluptuous Latina erotic masseuse. With a beautiful face, full lips and ...???

Enjoy your erotic massage in a hotel in Madrid with Sara. Sara is our hot and voluptuous Latina erotic masseuse. With a beautiful face, full lips and …???

If you want to discover new levels of pleasure and burning passion, don’t hesitate to book your appointment with Sara at your hotel or apartment as soon as possible.


Sara stands out in the Relaxing Erotic Massages, Naked body-to-body erotic shower, Lingam Massage and Massages for couples


It offers erotic massages to men, women and couples. If you like intense emotions, book your massage with Sara during your stay in Madrid. You will not regret.

Erotic and tantric massage in Madrid. Have you tried it?


Few things in this fast-paced modern life that we lead are as rewarding and satisfying as an exotic massage or “erotic massage”.

Every gentleman needs a good way to relax, a way to deal with those tensions that we have to face every day, both at work and at home. That is why for the most demanding gentlemen, the relief and relaxation they are looking for in Madrid, one of the best and preferred erotic and tantric massage agencies in the town.

Our attentive erotic masseuses are the ones who make this erotic massage agency very different from others, because our sensual and pleasant masseuses are also experts in various arts of relaxing massages, tantra, erotic massages and lingam massage (tantric massage of the male sexual organ) In this way, each one of them is capable of gently and sensually rubbing all the fatigue out of each one of your muscles and once and for all removing the stiffness of those tense joints due to problems.

To ensure the most pleasant and incomparable experience to others, we use the finest oils and lotions, for example some of our oils are edible, that tells you that it is possible to experiment in ways in which the only limit will be what your imagination wants…

We pay close attention to even the smallest details and always strive to create as relaxing an atmosphere as possible, with soft incandescent lights, delicious soothing music and glowing candles soothing your eyes and senses.

You will be able to feel all your tension disappear as you enjoy spending time with the girl of your choice who will pamper and take care of all your needs until you are 100% satisfied.

The satisfaction of our clients is our top priority, our erotic massage agency is well known for being both elegant and erotic, very discreet, because “discretion” is our second motto after “satisfaction”, there is a good reason why that we have so many regular clients, demanding gentlemen who contact our agency regularly, the reason is simple; We have the most discreet girls, sensual professionals with the most experience in Madrid.

So if you are looking for a little fun and relaxation for adults, book your favorite masseuse in advance, discretion and satisfaction guaranteed.

Tantra Massage in hotel ❤️Frequently asked questions and answers. in Madrid.

Because those of us who do Tantra erotic massages in Madrid mainly value your well-being, we offer you an erotic massage service at a hotel in Madrid.

Without having to move, you can enjoy an unforgettable erotic massage in the comfort of your hotel room. From the hand of spectacular and sensual masseuses we promise you an experience so intimate, pleasant and exclusive that we have no doubt that you will want to repeat it again and again.

The main objective of a tantric erotic massage is for you to achieve the greatest possible sexual pleasure so that the energy flows and you can connect with your Divine essence. Therefore, it is essential that you choose the massage that you like the most. For this purpose, we offer you a complete menu of massages, among which we put at your disposal a wide variety of modalities that can be enjoyed at any hotel in Madrid.

Sara Spanish erotic masseuse in Madrid

She has been perfecting the best and most complete erotic massage techniques for years and we are currently lucky enough to have her at your disposal. She will take you to a world of unparalleled pleasure as she loves mutual interaction.

  •  We stand out for her explosive personality, pleasant conversation, overflowing charisma, and with an unparalleled smile. She will know how to give you a different approach to eroticism and sensuality transmitted by the fire of her body and her soft hands. You will be able to perceive the elegance and security that characterizes her from the first moment, adding all this to an unimaginable mischief. Treat yourself to a great moment with her!

Always by appointment

Massages with a happy ending to hotel and home in Madrid.Massages with a happy ending to hotel and home in Madrid.The best massage service at home and hotel, Massages with happy ending professional and erotic.OUTCALL

The best massage service at home and hotel, professionalism and eroticism in its purest form. Massages with happy ending of high quality, professional and erotic.

Erotic Services Individual and couple massages.


We offer a complete service, we include different techniques and knowledge to adapt to any situation and preferences.

From relaxing massages to the most erotic and provocative massages, thus achieving a wide variety of services focused on meeting the needs of the most demanding.

At Hotel Tantra we book your massage any day of the year at any time you want.


Mutual massage, erotic nude massage, is the perfect option for the less shy, for those who decide to enjoy sexuality one hundred percent! This massage allows, as its name suggests, a mutual interaction, where both you and the masseuse can touch each other without restrictions.

What is more appetizing than a total interaction with a beautiful masseuse and the possibility of going all over her body with your hands?

It is an exciting and very erotic massage where you can give yourself to the caresses of the masseuse, enjoy her sculptural body and feel the energy of erotic massage in its purest state.

What includes:

  • Massage all over the body
  • Body-to-body massage
  • Completely naked massage
  • Mutual interaction guided by the masseuse
  • Tantric Postures
  • Lingam massage

One of the most popular massages on our menu…

This massage includes the right doses of eroticism and seduction to make you feel in the clouds.

It is an erotic massage where the masseuse will use her whole body to stimulate and massage yours.

You will be relaxed and relaxed thanks to the skillful techniques of our tantra professionals, who will know how to find a cure for all your contracted muscles. And not only that, you will also receive an erotic show where you can contemplate his naked body and his provocative movements, which will gradually excite you.

Our masseuse will gently take your hand to guide her through all the contours of her body, her most intimate areas, so you can enjoy not only the massage, but the touch of her body with oil under your fingertips … can you imagine something more sensual than that? Finally, you will receive an intense and sharp lingam that will appease all your sexual desire.

Erotic massage in topless 40 minutes | Hotel Tantra.

It is a professional massage, in which the masseuse, in topless, will only take a tham and will mix professional therapeutic massage techniques with erotic, exchanging melee and erotic postures, ending in a lingam massage, it is the ideal massage if you have little time and it is the first time you contact us, since it is a way to have a first contact and see if you like our style to the time to perform massages.

They work all areas of the body, back, legs, buttocks, head, and the most intimate.
Yes you like it a lot … you can always extend the time!!
Taxis are included as long as you are inside the city centre.

Outcall massage in Madrid,enjoy our exquisite services erotic massage with maximum comfort and discretion, without moving from your hotel. best erotic massage.



Today, because of our stressful pace of life, we are at the end of the day, extremely tired, tense, nervous, stressed, and in many cases in a hotel room where we have a bed that is not ours, and therefore do not get the rest necessary to recover from a hard day of work and travel.

In Tantra luxury are fully aware of this situation which occurs in many of our customers, and therefore we want to facilitate that State of relaxation that is so important for our physical and mental health and in this way, deal with the day to day with renewed energy.

For this reason, created the service of massage at home in Madrid, because we want that nothing prevents him from enjoying the pleasures of the best erotic massage in the capital, where we have spectacular masseuses, shaped to perfection for our customers in the different types of massages we offer in Tantra luxury, using exclusive oil y in this way to achieve a more satisfactory massage to our clients by the high degree of eroticism we get with the massage and the excellent state of relaxation that occurs in hindsight.

For all those people who are passing through Madrid and who want to enjoy our exquisite services erotic massage with maximum comfort and discretion, without moving from your hotel, we invite you to know us and to live this experience extremely enjoyable and exciting where you get your satisfaction, no doubt, will be our …

During the session of erotic massage you will achieve a special state of weightlessness and bliss that you have had hardly ever experienced before in your life. You’ll receive a tangible effect of an energy surge, pleasant sexual excitement, complete harmony with yourself and with the world around you.

Choose your favorite model to receive your professional and erotic massage in the room of your hotel, choose your masseuse


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