Mutual massage, erotic nude massage, is the perfect option for the less shy, for those who decide to enjoy sexuality one hundred percent! This massage allows, as its name suggests, a mutual interaction, where both you and the masseuse can touch each other without restrictions.

What is more appetizing than a total interaction with a beautiful masseuse and the possibility of going all over her body with your hands?

It is an exciting and very erotic massage where you can give yourself to the caresses of the masseuse, enjoy her sculptural body and feel the energy of erotic massage in its purest state.

What includes:

  • Massage all over the body
  • Body-to-body massage
  • Completely naked massage
  • Mutual interaction guided by the masseuse
  • Tantric Postures
  • Lingam massage

One of the most popular massages on our menu…

This massage includes the right doses of eroticism and seduction to make you feel in the clouds.

It is an erotic massage where the masseuse will use her whole body to stimulate and massage yours.

You will be relaxed and relaxed thanks to the skillful techniques of our tantra professionals, who will know how to find a cure for all your contracted muscles. And not only that, you will also receive an erotic show where you can contemplate his naked body and his provocative movements, which will gradually excite you.

Our masseuse will gently take your hand to guide her through all the contours of her body, her most intimate areas, so you can enjoy not only the massage, but the touch of her body with oil under your fingertips … can you imagine something more sensual than that? Finally, you will receive an intense and sharp lingam that will appease all your sexual desire.

Erotic massage in Madrid,the best Outcall massage Service

Benefits of receiving an erotic massage

The erotic massage session will see your beautiful companion gliding her body on yours, giving you amazing sensations and lovingly caressing every inch of your body. She’ll slide her hands along your neck, back and body, slowly relieving you of any stress and letting you forget the problems you have to deal with.

t’s an amazing adventure that will simultaneously soothe your nerves and exhilarate your inner sensual core. It’s a great tool to activate your sensory side and help fight against seasonal depression, tiredness and busy schedules. Uplifting your mood, it will rejuvenate you for weeks. That’s why we would advise considering the services of a professional sexual massage specialist before important events, negotiations or competitions.

this encounter will help your body produce endorphins, known as “hormones of happiness”. These chemicals have a direct impact on the way your brain and body work, bringing a “bouncy” robust feel to everything you do and everywhere you go.

The happy ending in the sensual massage will help your body get in touch with its sexual core, bringing the long-awaited release and helping cleanse of any stress and negative energy, so prevalent in the lives of today’s

should you focus on your feelings and sensations, you’ll be able to learn how to get in sync with the female companion next to you. Use these insights to become a better fit for the women in your life. Learn how to activate their zones and how to extend the foreplay, edging on the cusp of the penetrative pleasure, but not entering that realm yet.

During the session of erotic massage you will achieve a special state of weightlessness and bliss that you have had hardly ever experienced before in your life. You’ll receive a tangible effect of an energy surge, pleasant sexual excitement, complete harmony with yourself and with the world around you.


Erotic massage with a happy ending in Madrid, Ibiza and Barcelona

Tantra Luxury Massage Agency, leader of erotic massages in hotel, you gives the Welcome to the art of the massage erotic in Madrid, Ibiza and Barcelona, with a service exclusive, specialized in the discretion and the professionalism. Our massage awaken sensations of pleasure and arousal, causing a great satisfaction, to discover a world of sensations numbed by the worries and stress. Set the room of his hotel to convert the erotic massage in an experience unforgettable and transport you to the space of the sensitivity that merged the body and the mind, reaching the greater Ecstasy sensory. Have with elegant masseuses formed in various areas of the massage erotic, as carried out massages with technical Tantric, Thai and Balinese. If seeks a service completely custom and different, not dude in know us, provide them massage best prepared and of a quality exceptional, since are detailed in finalize every detail for so get an experience unique. Prepare to enjoy unforgettable moments: Tantra is a company specializing in Tantric and erotic massage  oriented to massages at the hotel sector, offer a high quality service, since we have extensive experience in the world of massages. The masseuses more sensual and elegant, that unforgettable sensations they drawn on your body with your hands. In your hotel without need of move you, with the comfort that venias looking for your trip, guaranteeing the maximum discretion.

We work by appoiment




Erotic massage with BDSM is a little darker, although no less fun. For those of you who enjoy the world of fetish and mild domination, this is the perfect choice. You will find many of the masseuses we work with really do enjoy this sensual, sometimes painful and always exciting service!

This is an out-call service only

  1. 300 – 90 hours minimum

Explore a more fetishist side to your masseuse
Light bondage
Wax play
Blind fold play
Tie and tease
All with sensual massage included

Do you think you can handle two hours or more of this sort of treatment? Do you think that you can control yourself for that long with all the teasing and sensual play? The only way to find out is to book this brand new Madrid outcall massage experience now!

Enjoy an erotic massage in the shower a couple.

Sharing the shower with your partner can be a time tremendously erotic . There are many couples who take the opportunity to caress, to have some private time or enjoy a sexual encounter , but we can also opt for a erotic massage.

The massage should be done standing and in a not too large space, so there are some limitations. However, in return, also it has some attractions that make it particularly exciting, like the fact that our partner is fully naked and wet . erotic massage in the shower should be done standing, so we can not work on the legs or feet. For those that these areas of the body like or excite them especially can be a problem, but we still have available the rest of the body, with such erogenous zones as the breasts or genitals .

A good way to start the massage can be performing a technique that relax the muscles of the other person, especially in those places where accumulates much voltage as the neck and shoulders. Then we can continue massaging the back . To do this, we will make small circular movements and pressures knuckles and thumbs. These pressures must be somewhat stronger than a caress but not so much that could cause upset. Then we can move to the actual erotic massage , sliding our hands on your rear and inner thighs .

Another way to start raising the temperature before the erotic massage soaping to the other person. We can start giving soap in less erogenous zones, such as shoulders or arms and continue for more exciting , according to our wishes. Then we can dispense with the sponge and continue with our own hands, using soap to replace oil massage. Another practice that is tremendously erotic to many people is that you wash your hair. It may seem like fetishist , but the truth is that the skin of the scalp is very sensitive, so it is especially receptive to the touch . If you also take the opportunity to give a massage with the fingertips, the result can be explosive.

On the other hand, we can also include in massage different supplements that help us make it even more erotic, like massage balls, shower gels aphrodisiacs or scented candles with exciting smells.

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