Miriam Spanish erotic masseuse available in hotel next week in Madrid. Miriam Spanish erotic masseuse available in hotel next week in Madrid Hotel Tantra Massage Madrid

Miriam Spanish erotic masseuse.

Miriam is our young, beautiful and sensual erotic masseuse, no less expert for that, since she has a special gift for massages, managing to maintain pleasure and desire throughout the massage, thus achieving a more pleasant and intense orgasm than expected. usual difficult to forget.

Exuberant, attractive and purely exciting, you will feel her statuesque body on yours to the rhythm of the sensual music that will accompany you throughout the session.

Delicately work every inch of your body, going through it sinuously and with great dedication so that you experience what a true erotic massage is.

Let yourself be carried away by the company and the sweetness of this masseuse who will make you disconnect from reality the first moment you cross your eyes.



Spanish nationality

Age: 25

Height: 1.60

Hair: Blonde

Blue eyes

Erotic massage in Madrid with Sandra.

Sandra is an attractive, elegant and captivating Spanish erotic masseuse with long blonde hair, penetrating green eyes and a very involved erotic masseuse.

She has a harmonious and well-cared body with beautiful and spectacular breasts that she will move on your body, so that your experience in the tantric and erotic world is never forgotten.

She is pure and authentic pleasure, involved, mischievous, playful and extremely erotic in each of her movements. She knows how to make your erotic massage with her an addiction.

Enjoy, feel and enjoy with this authentic masseuse who will make your erotic massage unforgettable.

Only by appoiment

Appointment required to guarantee availability.  discretion and satisfaction guaranteed.  the best erotic massage in Madrid



Erotic massage in Madrid with Natascya.

If you are a gentleman who wants to meet a real luxury erotic masseuse then do not hesitate to quote Natascya.


She is a feminine lady, she dresses very elegantly and takes care of every detail of her image. She in turn has an affectionate, sweet and romantic personality.

She is a refined, tall, beautiful and pleasant masseuse.

She has spectacular blonde hair and an incredible body.

Specialties within erotic massage:

  •  prostate massage
  •  Therapeutic
  •  Thais
  •  lingham massage
  •  Body to body
  •  Relaxing and decontracting

Erotic massage in a hotel with Alexandra.The best sensual massage in Hotel Tantra.Specialty mutual melee massage. Our young masseuse radiates naturalness, sweetness and warmth

Our young masseuse radiates naturalness, sweetness and warmth. Alexandra is also a great specialist in the body-to-body massage technique, where she lets herself be carried away by her own inspiration and manages to combine relaxation and a high perception of libido in the recipient.

With her you will discover what an erotic massage is really full of unforgettable sensations, because despite her youth she has gained the experience of knowing how to treat every corner of the male body, she likes to know and learn every day what are the tastes of each gentleman …

Specialty mutual melee massage

Hours available 16:00 pm to 01:00 am

Monday to Sunday by appointment.

Other schedules consult


Age 25 years

Tantra massage in hotel Madrid with Idaira.

Idaira is a Canarian tantra masseuse in Madrid. it’s a real sweetie. Beautiful long black hair, tanned skin and lush curves.

You will fall for its exuberant curves.

She is very dedicated and accommodating, so she will give everything to offer you a very good Tantric massage and a very exciting Lingam ending, so much so that you will want to repeat with a double ending. She will seduce you in every movement with her sensual and highly erotic, tantric postures, in her delicious body-to-body massage she is pure morbidity and excitement.


Book now with Idaira and live a genuine experience, full of passion, fun, warmth and quality.


She recommended for massages to women, men and couples.


Tantra Massage in hotel ❤️Frequently asked questions and answers. in Madrid.

Because those of us who do Tantra erotic massages in Madrid mainly value your well-being, we offer you an erotic massage service at a hotel in Madrid.

Without having to move, you can enjoy an unforgettable erotic massage in the comfort of your hotel room. From the hand of spectacular and sensual masseuses we promise you an experience so intimate, pleasant and exclusive that we have no doubt that you will want to repeat it again and again.

The main objective of a tantric erotic massage is for you to achieve the greatest possible sexual pleasure so that the energy flows and you can connect with your Divine essence. Therefore, it is essential that you choose the massage that you like the most. For this purpose, we offer you a complete menu of massages, among which we put at your disposal a wide variety of modalities that can be enjoyed at any hotel in Madrid.

Erotic massages in Madrid and Barcelona at your hotel.


Exclusive hotel erotic massage service, tantric and erotic massages with which to enjoy a unique and erotic experience without leaving your hotel room.

Tantra massage at your hotel or at your home in Madrid, always by appointment.

 Fast and discreet.

Why is it important to make a prior appointment to book your tantra massage in a hotel?

Our team of professional masseuses travel throughout the city and its surroundings, they need time to move and by having reservations in advance, if you did not make a prior reservation it is possible that your favorite masseuse is busy doing a massage, on the other side of the city ​​or even attending to personal matters.

So if you want to make sure you have your erotic massage with your favorite masseuse, we recommend that you notify us as far in advance as possible so that we can guarantee your availability even outside of your schedule.

We can make appointments by WhatsApp and by email.

Tell us what time you want to receive your massage, time and which masseuse.


Discretion and satisfaction guaranteed.


And calm!!!

If you did not make the prior reservation, we understand that it is not always possible for you to know when you will have a space, perhaps one of our masseuses may be available, (perhaps not your favorite but they are all professionals) if so, we could assist you as soon as possible, but you will have to wait for her to arrive at her location.

(approximately 35 or 45 min)

And to save you boring waiting times, we always recommend an appointment.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Hotel tantra massages at hotel

One of the best erotic massages in the city.

Outcall massage in Madrid

If you are passing through Madrid, and you want to enjoy a unique moment without having to leave your room… we can give you one of these wonderful erotic massages at your hotel. Tell us the date and time, address, hotel and room number, to enjoy our relaxing massages, with one or two masseuses, in the most absolute privacy. Discretion is guaranteed Book your massage in advance so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Wait for us prepared for the session, showered and lightly dressed, have the room with a pleasant temperature and dim light. And to enjoy… a wonderful erotic massage at your hotel the BEST outcall massage in Madrid

Mutual massage, erotic nude massage, is the perfect option for the less shy, for those who decide to enjoy sexuality one hundred percent! This massage allows, as its name suggests, a mutual interaction, where both you and the masseuse can touch each other without restrictions.

What is more appetizing than a total interaction with a beautiful masseuse and the possibility of going all over her body with your hands?

It is an exciting and very erotic massage where you can give yourself to the caresses of the masseuse, enjoy her sculptural body and feel the energy of erotic massage in its purest state.

What includes:

  • Massage all over the body
  • Body-to-body massage
  • Completely naked massage
  • Mutual interaction guided by the masseuse
  • Tantric Postures
  • Lingam massage

One of the most popular massages on our menu…

This massage includes the right doses of eroticism and seduction to make you feel in the clouds.

It is an erotic massage where the masseuse will use her whole body to stimulate and massage yours.

You will be relaxed and relaxed thanks to the skillful techniques of our tantra professionals, who will know how to find a cure for all your contracted muscles. And not only that, you will also receive an erotic show where you can contemplate his naked body and his provocative movements, which will gradually excite you.

Our masseuse will gently take your hand to guide her through all the contours of her body, her most intimate areas, so you can enjoy not only the massage, but the touch of her body with oil under your fingertips … can you imagine something more sensual than that? Finally, you will receive an intense and sharp lingam that will appease all your sexual desire.

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