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Hotel tantra massage in Madrid with Miriam.

Outcall massage in Madrid at your hotel and apartament

She available in Madrid from Friday.

The BEST outcall massage in
Hotel Tantra. Outcall massage in Madrid at your hotel and apartament

Shower Massage Outcall Madrid. What is the shower massage Madrid? It is about sharing with one of our sensual and very professional masseurs. Outcall massage

Shower Massage Outcall Madrid

We present you one of the massages star of Hotel tantra massage Agency, the erotic and sensual massage in the shower made by the best erotic masseuses that will not leave you indifferent.

What is the shower massage Madrid? It is about sharing with one of our sensual and very professional masseurs, an erotic shower with hot water in the same room of your hotel, so you do not have to move even.

The erotic masseuse that you choose will guide the water throughout your body, massaging all your body at the same time, paying special attention to your erogenous zones. A game of seduction and delicacy that will help you get intimate with the masseuse from the initial moment.

In Outcall Massage Madrid we give a return to the daily obligatory initial shower and we turn it into the best preliminary imaginable to finish it with a very special happy ending in the same shower. But that’s not all … The shower massage is divided into two parts, a first erotic massage in the shower and a second sensual massage in bed that will also end with a spectacular happy ending. The skin-to-skin contact with the masseur will provoke arousal prior to the erotic massage that the masseuse will continue to prolong during the tantric session.

In addition, the sensual masseuse will create a relaxing and calm environment with different techniques: adapting the dim light of the room, the heat and even the smell through aromatic oils.

Thus, from Outcall Massage Madrid, we encourage you to try the shower massage and we assure you that it will not leave you indifferent. For just € 300, enjoy the pleasure and relaxation for 90 minutes (or longer if you prefer) and disconnect from daily responsibilities and work routines. € 220 1 hour 60 minutes

For any doubt about the shower massage, do not hesitate to contact the people in charge of Outcall Massage Madrid, who will guide you and solve all your doubts. If you need to disconnect from daily routine, stress, work and worries …

We wait for you at Outcall Massage Madrid to offer you moments of relaxation and disconnection along with the greatest eroticism of the city. The best combination to relax and start the next working day with enthusiasm and energy.

Erotic massage with a happy ending at a hotel and home with Sandra, a Spanish erotic masseuse in Madrid.

She has been perfecting the best and most complete erotic massage techniques for years and we are currently lucky enough to have her at your disposal. It will take you to a world of unparalleled pleasure as it loves mutual interaction.

Sandra is an attentive, warm, exuberant and very sensual erotic masseuse…. Her massages are really exciting and you will lose yourself in her curves. In private you will see that she is the most dedicated. Among her specialties are sensitive massage, body-to-body massage and much more.


This masseuse will solve the stress of your long day with a good erotic massage.




The BEST Erotic massage Marbella hotel with Irina. Irina is a young Russian erotic female masseuse. Outcall massage Marbella. Hotel Tantra Massage Agency

Erotic massage Marbella hotel with Irina.

Irina is a young Russian erotic female masseuse. Slim and blond she has the measurements of a model.

She has a harmonious and caring body with beautiful and spectacular natural breasts, which will move over your body so that your experience in the world of erotic massage will never be forgotten.

Irina disarm you with the professionalism of her massage and the closeness of her as a woman; Great massage lingam; she knows what touch points so that your whole body responds to touch her like a fire ignited by burning nicely. She has a unique sensuality, a nice touch and will endeavor your massage is unique!

Experience all the emotion you can imagine as you go up the erotic massage of her.

By Appointment.

Erotic massage in Madrid with Sandra.

Sandra is an attractive, elegant and captivating Spanish erotic masseuse with long blonde hair, penetrating green eyes and a very involved erotic masseuse.

She has a harmonious and well-cared body with beautiful and spectacular breasts that she will move on your body, so that your experience in the tantric and erotic world is never forgotten.

She is pure and authentic pleasure, involved, mischievous, playful and extremely erotic in each of her movements. She knows how to make your erotic massage with her an addiction.

Enjoy, feel and enjoy with this authentic masseuse who will make your erotic massage unforgettable.

Only by appoiment

Appointment required to guarantee availability.  discretion and satisfaction guaranteed.  the best erotic massage in Madrid



Erotic massage body to body 90 min in topless.

Erotic body to body massage in hotel. Enjoy one of our erotic massages and tantric massages in the comfort of your hotel room in Madrid

Why should you choose body to body massage?

A body to body massage in Madrid is performed as a nude massage, all our therapists have beautiful massage parlours that are luxurious and ambient. The journey begins as soon as you walk through the door.

Your masseuse will perform the body 2 body using high-quality, warm and organic massage oils, and slowly and sensually massage every inch of your body.  Your body to body massage in Madrid specialist will use her body in the treatment she will use her arms, her legs, stomach etc. One of the most rapturous parts of a body to body massage is the ‘body slide’ where the masseuse will slide and glide slowly and seductively over your body elevating a feeling of oneness.

Body to body massage is well-known in Madrid for providing an excellent sensual massage experience. Body to Body massage is a fusion of tantalizing sensual sensations one after the other unfiltered raw and unforgettable.


Erotic Body to Body Massage by Professional Masseuses

The Hote Tantra massage Agency brings to you it’s signature body to body massage Madrid. We are a team of massage professionals that have designed and perfected the ultimate relaxation journey of uninhibited pleasure for your clients. Our body to body massage Madrid includes the infamous body slides that send tingles into every inch of your being.

Body to body massage is well-known in Madrid for providing an excellent sensual massage experience. Body to Body massage is a fusion of tantalizing sensual sensations one after the other unfiltered raw and unforgettable.

*What includes?

  • Professional massage throughout the body. From head to toe including genital area.
  • Body to body massage.
  • Tantric and erotic postures.
  • Lingam massage or Yoni massage (once).
  • Happy ending.
  • Footjob massage with the feet. (optional)
  • The masseuse wears a thong.
  • Interaction with the feet of the masseuse (optional).
  • Prostate massage.
  • Duration 90 min


Why choose Us?

  • We have the best and highly experienced masseuse
  • We will not select anyone randomly for you; instead, we will give you the privilege of choosing from our stunning and beautiful masseuse.
  • We use top-quality oils for the body to body massage, so that you can get better results
  • Our masseuse will ensure to use the skin to skin technique in such a way that you feel sensations which you never felt before.

Call us for appointments!

We attend by appointment throughout the community of Madrid

contact us Maximum advance to guarantee the availability of masseuses

we use whatsapp

Please, follow this easy instructions and book your erotic massage:


-Hotel name/adress/apartamen

-Room/number apartamen

-Massage and minute

-Your name


Contact us at +34 605 09 28 73

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outcall massage in Madrid

Erotic massage body to body naked and footjob.

Nude and mutual melee erotic massage.

What is more appealing than a total interaction with a beautiful masseuse and the possibility of covering her entire body with your hands?

It is an exciting and very erotic massage where you can surrender to the caresses of the masseuse, enjoy her sculptural body and feel the energy of erotic massage in its purest state.

What includes:

  • Professional massage throughout the body from head to toe (including genital área).
  • Body to body massage.
  • Completely nude massage.
  • Mutual interaction guided by the masseuse.
  • Tantric postures.
  • lingam massage.
  • Optional footjob.
  • Yoni massage.
  • Mutual massage.

One of the most popular massages on our menu…

This massage includes the right doses of eroticism and seduction to make you feel in the clouds.

It is an erotic massage where the masseuse will use her entire body to stimulate and massage yours.

You will be relaxed thanks to the skillful techniques of our tantra professionals, who will know how to find a cure for all your contracted muscles. And not only that, because, in addition, you will receive an erotic show where you will be able to contemplate her naked body and her provocative movements, which will gradually excite you. Our masseuse will gently take your hand to guide it through all the contours of her body, her most intimate areas, so that you can enjoy not only the massage, but also the touch of her body with oil under your fingertips… do you can you imagine anything more sensual than that? Finally, you will receive an intense and sharp lingam that will appease all your sexual desire.

Why choose a Mutual massage?

Nowadays, there is a great variety of erotic massages, but without a doubt one of the most pleasant and exciting are those that are performed with the mirror technique.

This technique is part of what are called interactive massages, which are characterized by the fact that the person receiving the massage also participates in it. In other words, there is not one person who gives the massage and another who receives it lying on a massage table, but throughout the session, the two people exchange roles. This exchange can occur in different ways, although the most common is that first one is the one who gives the massage while the other remains lying down and then they exchange places. However, there are also other techniques in which the erotic massage does not take place in turns, but rather there is a permanent interaction between the two people. In them, the two people give and receive the massage simultaneously.


This is the case of massages based on the mirror technique, in which the two people are both the masseuse and the patient. As its name suggests, this type of massage is based on the idea that the other person would be our reflection in a mirror, so they should do the same as us and follow our every move.


To do this we need to have a comfortable place where we will not be interrupted. It is also necessary that the temperature is adequate, since the first thing we must do is undress. Once we have done it, we sit in front of our partner, so that the knees touch. One of the two members of the couple starts the massage by choosing an area and working on it. For example, he can start at the nape and shoulders. When he finishes, the other person must do those same movements. Then the first one will choose another zone and the second one will also repeat it, and so on. After a while, they can switch roles of who decides and who follows the moves. If we need to massage an area of ​​the body that we do not have access to while sitting, we can lie down while that specific technique lasts. It is a very pleasant massage, since it allows us to decide which areas we want to caress and be caressed, but also let ourselves be carried away by the wishes of the other.

Outcall massage service


The BEST outcall massage service in Madrid, you are passing through Madrid, and you want to enjoy a unique moment without having to leave your room… we can give you one of these wonderful erotic massages at your hotel. Tell us the date and time, address, hotel and room number, to enjoy our relaxing massages, with one or two masseuses, in the most absolute privacy. Discretion is guaranteed Book your massage in advance so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Wait for us prepared for the session, showered and lightly dressed, have the room with a pleasant temperature and dim light. And to enjoy… a wonderful erotic massage at your hotel the BEST outcall massage in Madrid.

Massages with a happy ending to hotel and home in Madrid.Massages with a happy ending to hotel and home in Madrid.The best massage service at home and hotel, Massages with happy ending professional and erotic.OUTCALL

The best massage service at home and hotel, professionalism and eroticism in its purest form. Massages with happy ending of high quality, professional and erotic.

Erotic Services Individual and couple massages.


We offer a complete service, we include different techniques and knowledge to adapt to any situation and preferences.

From relaxing massages to the most erotic and provocative massages, thus achieving a wide variety of services focused on meeting the needs of the most demanding.

At Hotel Tantra we book your massage any day of the year at any time you want.


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