The contraceptive method of having sex without penetration proves to be excellent because there is no contact of the semen with the vagina or if they share vaginal fluids, semen or blood.


We will strengthen the previous game by learning to enjoy it even more. It will be a method to learn more and more preliminary games. Thing that little by little we forget with the passage of time and that for sensitive women and men is fundamental, if we want to reach a good sex.


Orgasms in sex without penetration can be more pleasurable according to many women.


Without negative effects or secondary to health, although any type of sex is harmful to health, what is sometimes harmful is the overexertion that is done when we stop training and we make punctual competitions. It is also beneficial for women suffering from urinary tract infections due to irritation …


It allows one to explore the body mutually in depth without being forced into penetration and fostering intimacy as a couple.


It is well known that many women do not reach orgasm during penetration. This will help us increase our abilities with the rest of the body. And to detect the tastes of our sexual partner.

It will allow us to practice different techniques of masturbation whether they are male or female
Not having penetration will facilitate the practice of erotic massages aimed at satisfaction through the senses and feel a good happy ending, without having to reach ejaculation.
Sex toys such as vibrators will help us to use them with greater tranquility and comfort, or objects.
Oral or anal stimulation may be explored with varying techniques. We can play and explore with the finger the anal area, both men and women like great pleasure for the caresses in that area.
Failure to seek penetration as an end to sexual contact makes many people feel more relaxed by avoiding possible pain or stress or simply enjoying more of other practices.

– The contraceptive method it turns out to be excellent if there is no contact of the semen with the vagina, and not even shared vaginal fluid, semen or blood.

– Will streng the previous game, learning to enjoy more over.

– The orgasms in the sex without penetration, can turn out to be more pleasant as many women affirm.

– Without negative side effects for the health.

– Allows to explored the body mutually, without turn forced to the penetration and it promotes the intimacy in a couple.

– Many women do not reach the orgasm during penetration.

– We will allow you to practice different techniques of masturbation.

– Will facilitate the practice of erotic massages with a good happy ending, for example to help during the ejaculation.

– Sexual toys like the vibrators we can helpto use them with greater tranquility and comfort.

– The oral or anal stimulation, will be explored by different techincs.


If the penetration is not looked at the end of the sexual contact, this it does that many people feel more relaxed, and with