bathing is an important part of tantric massage and tantric sex in general. For Tantra, bodies are sacred temples, so it is important to honor and care for them. A good way to do this is by bathing, which not only allows a physical cleansing of the body but also a mental and emotional disconnection from everything that happened during the day. If we also share that bathroom with our partner, it can be a perfect way to start a sexual encounter.

To create the right ambiance before starting, we can light candles and i If we feel like it, we can also put some music that we like and that will help the relaxation, although taking care that the musical instruments are away from the bath. If we want to add a romantic touch, we can have a bottle of champagne to accompany the bathroom as a couple. Bath salts and body oils are another suitable addition to create the perfect environment, although we should try not to overload the environment with a lot of different odors. On the other hand, we must make sure that the water is warm enough to be pleasant, but not so much that we find it uncomfortable. A tub that has the option to produce bubbles or a jacuzzi are the perfect places for these bathrooms as a couple, but if we do not have them, a bathtub or a running shower can do the same function.

Once we are inside the bathtub, we should start lathering our partner carefully. Ideally, we wash your entire body, including hair, which can be tremendously erotic. We must keep in mind that we are preparing to make love, so the important thing is that we enjoy the body of the other person and awaken their sensual side. Once it is finished, the papers are exchanged. After the shower, we can take a few minutes to give each other body cream. Applying a cream throughout the body of our partner is one of the best ways to arouse her sensuality, so we must do it carefully and dedicate enough time and attention.