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It is said that kundalini energy lives at the base of the spine and contains the libidinal energy of the body, so it is very often associated with orgasm and sexual pleasure. The beliefs and practices related to kundalini come from Hinduism and Buddhism.

Raising kundalini can be a rather intense experience and it is advised not to accelerate this process as it may prove too much for the individual. It is best to take your time, and be patient with the exercises and experiences to raise the kundalini. Some people report negative reactions such as hallucinations, anxiety and paranoia, after raising kundalini improperly or hastily.
Elevate your kundalini energy

Spend time in nature. Direct contact with the energies of the planet nourishes the kundalini energy and the whole esoteric body.

Earth has a charge and you can absorb it and benefit from it. Walk resting on sand or grass, for example. Swim in the ocean or in a river.

.Conscious Mind Control Begin by becoming aware of what you think every moment and raise the mental level, forgiveness and mercy. Properly process any emotion related to rabies. It is not a matter of denying these emotions or blocking them, rather than letting them flow and not staying in them. Schedule your mind to see the positive in every situation.

Say no to temptation. As part of the process of raising your body and mind, it is important that you learn to control your impulses and not be carried away by temptations. It is not a matter of being a saint, but of focusing the mental and physical energy on high activities that do not fill you with low emotions or toxins.

Exercise your hips and back. Whether it’s with dancing or yoga, put your body in motion. Moving the hips, especially, will help raise the kundalini.

Purify your body. In order for the kundalini energy to rise, it is important that the body is pure with toxins. Start by cleaning your diet, preferably free of animal flesh and full in natural and organic food. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and drugs. I drank water.

Receive massages. Work your muscles and promote circulation with a professional massage. Do Yoga. Kundalini and Hatha Yoga will help you prepare your body and mind for the awakening of kundalini.

Practice tantric sex