Give a tantric massage for couples.

Couples massages are the most demanded massages at Tantra Luxury, an unforgettable experience for you to enjoy with your partner and live again as if in a paradise of bodily sensations through the sensuality of your bodies and those of our masseuses.

You and your partner will be together, in a private suite, your home, hotel, etc. set for the occasion, feeling your experience and that of the other, multiplying the pleasure without limit.

What is a Tantra Luxury couples massage like?

The possibilities are multiple and it is you who chooses, together with your partner, the type of massage you want to receive:


1. When you book your couple’s massage you can reserve the suite for free in one of our favorite meeting places, to be able to enjoy a glass of cava or your favorite drink before your massage in the most pleasant and private setting. If you have your own meeting place, our masseuses will bring everything you need to adapt and set everything you need for the occasion.


2. You can choose between receiving the massage by 1 or 2 masseuses: If there are two, each one will massage one member of the couple in a harmonic and rhythmic way, bringing the moments of pleasure closer so that everything is shared.


If, on the other hand, you prefer a single masseuse, she will massage the woman first, to initiate her state of trust, and then she will go from one member of the couple to another. (can be reverse)


3. Male or female masseur: You choose the gender of the masseur, you can choose two men, two women, man-woman, or a man or a woman. We put the tools for your pleasure and you decide how you want to achieve it. You can see all our female masseuses and our male masseuses on our website.


4. Interactive or receiver: In an interactive massage you can caress the masseuse, increasing the pleasure by feeling the sensations of being able to share the pleasure of receiving the erotic massage. But if you prefer, you can also opt for a receiving massage, in which it is the masseur who performs all the caresses.


5. Intimacy: At the end of the massage you will have the opportunity to be alone with your partner in the same room so that alone you can culminate your pleasure in the way that you like best.


There are many special dates for a couple: birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties… Any event is good to give your partner a unique gift that they will never forget: a tantric massage.


Giving a tantric massage like the ones we offer at Tantra Luxury is an experience based on pleasure. Surprise your partner with one of our gift vouchers, so that both of you experience sensations with which you will rediscover your concept of pleasure.


If you choose to make this unique gift, you should know that you have several tantric massages for couples at your disposal. Thus, you can choose from our range the massage that best suits your preferences. Interactive or receiving, you choose which one is more stimulating for your partner. The receiving couples massage will both be able to experience the different relaxing techniques, such as body to body or sensitive. But if what you prefer is to interact with our masseuses, the interactive couples massage is your best option.

Each masseuse will adapt their skills to your needs and you will achieve absolute pleasure in a closer and more intense way. In both massages you can choose two female masseurs or one female masseur and one male masseur.