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  1. Foods considered as ‘aphrodisiac’ excite people by their nutrients, which have a Vasodilator function or are involved in a process of hormonal type and can help lead to sexual arousal.

But mainly we have to bear in mind that what most influences so that these foods have more effect on us, is the situation in which is consummated, as the psychological component has to do much with the aphrodisiac consideration of food.


The seeds of the cocoa has phenylalanine and theobromine, substances that help fight fatigue, blood circulation and pulmonary ventilation. Also it stimulates the secretion of serotonin, making it a powerful aphrodisiac that renewed sexual performance.

Red wine

The main ingredient, alcohol, is the largest known disinhibitor. And if we add the content in antioxidants whose vasodilator effect to a greater intake of blood in both in the male genitalia and women, we have the perfect combination for a great night.


Like figs, mango contains beta carotene which helps the generation of estrogen and testosterone. It also improves sperm production by the amount of vitamins that has and as if this wasn’t enough contains tryptophan known as the pleasure hormone.


They contain a high content of beta carotene, a substance that affects the production of sex hormones, improves desire and levels of estrogen imbalances. During the woman’s menstrual period helps to deflate the breasts and their high sugar content are a good source of energy if more than expected just lengthening the night.


Due to the amount of potassium, vitamin B, bufotenin and magnesium manages to balance the brain neurotransmitters that encienten libido, improving the State of mood and self-esteem along with the sense of security.