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chocolate is the alternative to sex?

Surely you have heard more than once that chocolate is the alternative to sex or the perfect aphrodisiac. But is this claim real or is it just an urban legend? Nutrition experts are clear that chocolate IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE for sex

However, chocolate is an aphrodisiac food. It does not replace the effects of sexual intercourse, but it increases desire, as exciting properties are attributed to it thanks to certain chemical compounds such as theobromine, which produces
stimulating effects in low amounts.

It does not replace sex, but it increases your happiness

” Chocolate does not replace sex, but it is an aphrodisiac”

What actually happens when you eat chocolate is that the brain releases endorphins and serotonin, which increase your feeling of happiness. What’s more, only the steam given off by this food causes the activation of this ‘happiness hormone’.

In addition, this food produces a relaxing sensation in the body thanks to a series of chemical products that alter the state of mind in the same way that cannabis does. However, other activities such as sunbathing, sports, massages also increase the levels of these substances in the body.

No, chocolate is not a substitute for sex, but it has many other positive effects. For example, chocolate increases your strength due to the large amount of sugar it contains, it provides energy to the body, it prevents aging due to its antioxidant power.