Pay attention to the following tantric principles to enjoy what will be, perhaps, the best experience of your life…


  • Be simple and natural: do not stick to fashion or beauty stereotypes, there is no need to complicate or add layers of egos to the personality.
  • Live spontaneously: you will only achieve it by living from the heart, the mind calculates, projects and separates you from the present.
  • Do not seek control but fluidity: all control is unnatural. Everything that one wants to control escapes sooner or later like sand between the fingers, it is better to adapt to the natural movement of things.
  • Celebrate existence: Every day is special and is different every time. It is a choice a state of consciousness
  • live from freedom
  • raise the energy
  • meditate
  • Do not create conflicts between what you feel and what you think.
  • Be receptive, be open to the universe.
  • Focus the mind on the present.
  • Use energy creatively.
  • Take sex as a manifestation of two seeking to feel one.
  • Take care of the bindu, do not ejaculate

A Full Body Massage Will Release those Tightened Muscles

If you would like to get some serenity and simultaneously get your body and mind reawakened, then you should get a full body massage.


Are you thinking of going to Madrid to have some fun, or do you even reside there? your to-do list should have a Full body massage. The full body massage involves the massage therapist applying pressure on virtually all parts of the body, apart from the private organ. This involves your back, arms, legs, shoulder, feet, stomach, and maybe around your breast area. When you go for a full body massage, you don’t need to totally undress, as your buttocks area will be covered.


Getting a full body massage is therapeutic, it feels like a relaxed form of having a workout, because the masseur gives a deep tissue massage that heals your muscle off clogs and tensions, and even helps with enhancing blood circulation. Now, if you feel tired or not motivated for a workout, you can choose to have a full body massage to calm your nerves and keep your mind reawakened.



We all need Renewal and a feeling of refreshment to keep us invigorated for us to achieve more, that is why hotel tantra in Madrid is got a professional touch for your full body massage. If your job or everyday routine requires you to stand a lot, or move around, take, for instance, you are a hairstylist or work in a coffee shop, then you often need the full body massage, to ease the stress of standing or walking, off your muscles.


Whether or not you think you don’t need it, it will be good for you to realize that the deep tissue massage that the masseur gives will aid blood circulation around your body. This means, while blood is moving around your body, it is also taking good nutrients around your body, clean oxygen is being circulated to the organs in your body and is keeping your heart in good shape, as there is improved breathing and proper blood flow. With all these benefits, you shouldn’t miss the amazing touch of Hotel tantra if you come by Madrid or even reside there.


Sometimes, you might start feeling stiff, or have heightened tension. If you don’t take action to revive your energy, you might start losing your great vibes. This isn’t good for your body and mind. Just before you get to that extent, get a massage therapist to revive your mood by giving your body some good love that it deserves, don’t stress it.

The cool music, beautiful ambiance, candles, and low light you will be surrounded with are enough to keep you relaxed, stimulate your concentration ability, and drop down depression. The relaxation of your mind will lead to reawakening you, relaxing your body, and keeping you active for your achievements and enjoyments in life.

The everyday grind might get tiring, and you just might need relief. Madrid has the solution for you, get a full body massage. If you want to spike it up, you can even get a tantric massage that will heal you sensually or a body-to-body massage that will increase your sexuality and keep your mind refreshed. The option to either make it an in-call or out-call massage is in your hands, simply make a choice.

In case you do not find it comfortable to be totally undressed, then the full body massage should be your option as the masseur will focus on your feet, legs, neck, shoulder, arm, back, stomach, and your buttocks if you like, to release that tightened muscle that is limiting your energy and spree to do more.

Sometimes, your massage therapist might decide to take it deeper with your muscle and use the Basal Stone; if you are comfortable with warmness, then you can go for it, as it will reach the very end of your muscle and relax them.

In fact, through a full body massage, you get to exfoliate as the oil applied on your skin coupled with the massage will keep your skin refreshed. You have nothing to lose, get a full body massage today, or when you come by Madrid.

Book your sensual massage at a hotel in Madrid.

In this treatment, our professional masseuse will arrive very discreetly at your door, and will set the mood with candles, incense and sensual music.

She will turn your room into a tantric sanctuary; Using her sensuality and charm, to give you just a drop of our ocean of sensations, during this simple treatment you will experience an erotic and tantric vibe that will give you an idea of ​​all the massages that our agency has to offer you.

If this is your first time with us, we really recommend a 60 minute massage because with this sexy nude service you will get 100% satisfaction. Although time is also extensible.

In all our treatments, the masseuse will use high quality oils, preheated to your choice or cold, creams to wrap you in a wave of sensuality and eroticism that will surely revitalize your body and mind, She will use her body, she will use tantric and erotic techniques in this massage full body, before concluding the treatment with a happy ending.

The role of sexuality in the tantric spiritual path Hotel Tantra. Check our prices and variety of erotic massages. Outcall tantra massage Madrid

The role of sexuality in the tantric spiritual path

It is necessary to remember a fundamental point: practices related to sexuality are only a small part of Tantra, just as the sexual sphere is just one of the spheres that constitute existence.

human. These teachings, therefore, in Tantra are of the same

importance than those on meditation, breathing,

purification, philosophy, alignment of body and mind.

In this path we focus on the aspect of sexuality, since this

Unlike others, it has been left aside: indeed, while yoga

and meditation have spread like wildfire all over the world, everything

that has to do with sacred sexuality has so far shown only

his shadow, so to speak, at least at the mass level, leaving his side

luminous yet hidden for most.

Let us then discover what is the role of sexuality in Tantra.

Some clarifications are necessary, considering the usual confusion

which tends to be made on the topics “love” and “sex”.

When sexuality is spoken of in Tantra, it refers to a set

of knowledge about love. In some mentalities there is a

distinction between sex and love; in Tantra no, sex is

considered as one of the human manifestations of love. The

fact that it is pleasurable, instinctive, sometimes animalistic or

fun does not deprive him of the role that rightfully belongs to him, that

expression of love, the most ancestral, original, natural and powerful in


Sex and love in Tantra are considered sacred, they are the highest

representatives of divine energy in human beings. For his

very nature, sex and love are ungovernable, mysterious,

surprising, inexhaustible, they never cease to amaze and teach. It is

obvious that to capture this sacred aspect it is necessary to awaken a

certain kind of sensitivity that often, being prisoners of the

daily routine and the material issues of life, tend to be

asleep, sometimes for years. A sensitivity that, among other

things, puts in direct connection with the vulnerability and the “smallness”

of the human being, who faced with the immensity of the universe and the

miracle of his eternal breath, it cannot be re-dimensioned and relativized

himself, reintegrating into nature. sexuality in the

Tantra is inserted within this type of perception of reality.


There is a substantial difference between the flow of love and the feeling

institutionalized. We find the latter in different forms,

depending on the culture to which we refer; on the

Western is present in commitment and marriage, for

example. Society, to be stable and lasting, needs to crystallize

in a certain way the relationships that act as a pillar in the groups

humans; among these there is no doubt the couple, which is formed

spontaneously and within which the reproduction of the

human species. This relationship, having revealed itself as one of the

pillars of humanity, in many cultures it has been institutionalized,

in order to make it more solid and durable, and to ensure a

overall balance of society.

Erotic massage with a happy ending at a hotel and home with Sandra, a Spanish erotic masseuse in Madrid.

She has been perfecting the best and most complete erotic massage techniques for years and we are currently lucky enough to have her at your disposal. It will take you to a world of unparalleled pleasure as it loves mutual interaction.

Sandra is an attentive, warm, exuberant and very sensual erotic masseuse…. Her massages are really exciting and you will lose yourself in her curves. In private you will see that she is the most dedicated. Among her specialties are sensitive massage, body-to-body massage and much more.


This masseuse will solve the stress of your long day with a good erotic massage.




The best Tantra massage at Hotel and home in Barcelona, Madrid and Marbella in Hotel Tantra. Tantra Luxury Massage Agency Erotic .Tantra massage Tantra massage at Hotel and home. Luxury Massage Agency Erotic massages Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella.

Check our prices and our variety of erotic massages Tantra massage Tantra massage at Hotel and home. Luxury Massage Agency Erotic massages Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella.

If you are in Barcelona, Marbella or Madrid and want to relax or forget about stress with an erotic massage, at Tantra Luxury Massage Agency we can provide the best luxury masseuses for your well-being.

Let yourself be seduced and enjoy our beautiful masseuses. They will slowly run their hands over your body until you feel maximum pleasure, which will culminate in an ending full of sensuality and eroticism.

Our masseuses can offer you different types of erotic massages, depending on how far you dare to go, such as, for example, relaxing erotic massages in which the Topless masseuse will go through your body, seducing you little by little until you end up caressing you until the end. what do you imagine.

But if you really want to maximum pleasure, you need an intense mutual massage, erotic body-to-body massage: suggestive massage, full of eroticism and sensuality where the masseuse, naked body to body with yours, will say goodbye in a pleasant mutual orgasm.

What are you wishing for? Well, don’t wait any longer and don’t think about it. If you are in Madrid,Marbella or Barcelona and you fancy an erotic massage in the company of our beautiful high-class masseuses, do not hesitate to contact Tantra Luxury Massage Agency.

Erotic massage in Madrid with Sandra.

Sandra is an attractive, elegant and captivating Spanish erotic masseuse with long blonde hair, penetrating green eyes and a very involved erotic masseuse.

She has a harmonious and well-cared body with beautiful and spectacular breasts that she will move on your body, so that your experience in the tantric and erotic world is never forgotten.

She is pure and authentic pleasure, involved, mischievous, playful and extremely erotic in each of her movements. She knows how to make your erotic massage with her an addiction.

Enjoy, feel and enjoy with this authentic masseuse who will make your erotic massage unforgettable.

Only by appoiment

Appointment required to guarantee availability.  discretion and satisfaction guaranteed.  the best erotic massage in Madrid



to access, even minimally, to the message of Tantra is

need to leave the internal roads that are used to

go, and go beyond. If done with innocence and sincerity can pass

things that seem miraculous.

That is why those who love ‘tantricamente’ they become

themselves in love, while every cell of your being longs and answers

to that called wonderful that leads to a state

always more enlightened consciousness.

Tantric love has immediate merit away from

the intimate physical relationship all those fears associated with it by

ancestral cultural reasons distortions. Phobia often

motivated by impotence disappears because there

Naked mutual Massage 90 min


What includes?:


  • Professional massage throughout the body from head to toe (including genital area).
  • Body to body massage.
  • Completely nude massage.
  • Mutual interaction guided by the masseuse.
  • Tantric postures.
  • lingam massage. (Double optional)
  • Optional footjob.
  • Yoni massage.
  • Mutual massage.
  • 90 min massage
  • 2 Happy ending
  • Erotic shower.
  • Prostate massage optional

One of the most popular massages on our menu…

This massage includes the right doses of eroticism and seduction to make you feel in the clouds.

Do you want to enjoy a spectacular erotic massage at a hotel or at home in Madrid?


Imagine being in the comfort of your hotel in Madrid, and a beautiful erotic masseuse arrives equipped with everything you need to make you spend a very complete evening.

First of all, she will be in charge of decorating the room with everything necessary to create the tantra environment that will transport you to a paradise full of sexual energy, connection and absolute relaxation.


Relax, hot oil or massage cream… Nothing will be missing. A whole spiritual and physical experience that you will not live anywhere else.


In erotic massages at Hotel or home you have the option of choosing a female masseur, a male masseur, or a combination of both.


We also have a team of professional and beautiful male masseuses who are very experienced and skilled in tantra massage, in finding erogenous points and knowing how to please both men and women.

Erotic massage prostate nude.

What includes:

  • Professional massage throughout the body from head to toe (including genital area).
  • Completely nude massage.
  • Mutual interaction guided by the masseuse.
  • Tantric postures.
  • Body to body massage
  • lingam massage.
  • Optional footjob.
  • Yoni massage.
  • Mutual massage.
  • Erotic shower
  • Prostate massage
  • 60 min massage