What benefits will a massage bring you at your hotel in the city? outcall massage in Madrid at your hotel room

Comfort, privacy, privacy, tranquility… You won’t have to move around and you can set the room to your liking. Aromatic candles, ambient music, dim light… You can also prepare your shower. Remember that we have a special massage that starts underwater and ends up outside of it. outcall massage in Madrid at your hotel room.

Enjoy your massage…
We are specialist on erotic massage at your hotel room or apartment in Madrid, 24 hours. We provide exclusive massage. Our masseuse’s professionals with much experience in the art of sensual, tantric and erotic massage.

All our massage therapists are experts in tantric male massagefemale massage and couples massage. You can enjoy the pleasure of the best massages in your hotel room or your apartment in Madrid. We offer a variety of massage and the ability to customize to your tastes and preferences. Relax and enjoy a massage, we guarantee peace, privacy and discretion. All tantra massages end in yoni massage or lingam massage, you can ejaculate if desired.

Enjoy your massage…
We are specialist on erotic massage at your hotel room or apartment in Madrid, 24 hours. We provide exclusive massage. Our masseuse’s professionals with much experience in the art of sensual, tantric and erotic massage.

ready to perform any type of erotic massage in your hotel.

The best massage service at home and hotel, professionalism and eroticism in its purest form. Massages with happy finish of high quality, professional and erotic.

In this mode of massage as in many others, oily lotions are used to increase the pleasurable sensations of the skin. Since they are not water-soluble compounds, despite being in contact with water, the skin is still slippery.

In these humid spaces you can play with both hands and different body parts, with the peculiarity that it would be possible, in the case of a Jacuzzi or if there is a conduit from which water comes out, the possibility of play with the pressures of the liquid on the skin in different areas, which has muscle relaxing properties and in turn, over certain areas, could bring an erotic nuance to the activity.

Usually the temperature of the water is usually warm or warm and this effect is combined on the skin, with pressure play with different parts of the body or with water jets.

A modality that can be integrated in the whole game of massage with water as a key element, it is a question of some stimulation techniques, in which, when the receiver is on a dry surface and in a comfortable environment, liquids are spilled with a pleasant temperature for smooth skin. This procedure, applied especially on the legs in ascending direction, is usually very pleasant.

In all these massages, it will be important to have an accessible towel or bathrobe to avoid the sensation of cold that can occur when you stop playing with the water, otherwise, all the relaxation achieved during the process would be eliminated by complete instantly.


We need to maintain the balance between giving and receiving, so that the balance is always present.

The art of Tantra is the art of performing as a LOVER and ARTIST in your life. For that I leave some guidelines in the relationship with your partner.

GIFT: The gift is a rite of worship.
COMMUNICATION: Beyond the verbal level, existential dialogue exists. what tantra calls “secret language”
Like talking with the eyes, the inner being and development of telepathy. It is also called this form of language between LINGAM and YONI in the MAITHUNA.

COMMON PROJECTS AND SUPPORT. Anything they can share the energy with.
MASSAGES: energy exchange where they pass to each other, manages to eliminate the tension of the body and that this one is prepared for MAITHUNA

Hotel Tantra is an agency of Spanish and Russian masseuses designed for relaxation and pure eroticism. A paradise created to enjoy the most sensual and exciting massages you have ever enjoyed. With techniques specialized in stimulating all erogenous areas that can be experienced with a real erotic massage.

Our masseuses have been selected following strict criteria.

Our team of professional Spanish and erotic masseuses of Madrid, is an Eden of fantasies that are transmitted through erotic Tantric massage, discovering all the pleasures that your body holds. All our masseuses are experts in therapeutic and erotic massages, will lead you to a world of pleasure and sensations, destined to both men and women and couples.

Massage Agency Erotic massage Erotic massage for both women and men and couples. It is the ideal place to enjoy your body with our erotic massages, always focused on your pleasure and wellbeing, stimulate each part of the body to reach the climax.

What is the prostate massage?

Prostate massage is the massage or stimulation of the male prostate gland for medical purposes or sexual stimulation.

The prostate takes part in the sexual response cycle, and is essential for the production of semen. Due to its proximity to the anterior rectal wall, it can be stimulated from the anterior wall of the rectum or externally via the perineum.

Tantra Luxury Massage Agency, leader of massages in hotel, you gives the Welcome to the art of the massage erotic in Madrid, Ibiza and Barcelona, with a service exclusive, specialized in the discretion and the professionalism. Our massage awaken sensations of pleasure and arousal, causing a great satisfaction, to discover a world of sensations numbed by the worries and stress. Set the room of his hotel to convert the massage in an experience unforgettable and transport you to the space of the sensitivity that merged the body and the mind, reaching the greater Ecstasy sensory. Have with elegant masseuses formed in various areas of the massage erotic, as carried out massages with technical Tantric, Thai and Balinese. If seeks a service completely custom and different, not dude in know us, provide them massage best prepared and of a quality exceptional, since are detailed in finalize every detail for so get an experience unique. Prepare to enjoy unforgettable moments: Tantra is a company specializing in Tantric massage and sex, oriented to massages at the hotel sector, offer a high quality service, since we have extensive experience in the world of massages. The masseuses more sensual and elegant, that unforgettable sensations they drawn on your body with your hands. In your hotel without need of move you, with the comfort that venias looking for your trip, guaranteeing the maximum discretion