Erotic Massages Hotel and Address in Madrid Do you want to enjoy a spectacular erotic massage at a hotel or at home in Madrid?

Imagine being in the comfort of your hotel in Madrid, and a beautiful erotic masseuse arrives equipped with everything you need to make you spend a very complete evening. First of all, she will be in charge of decorating the room with everything necessary to create the tantra environment that will transport you to a paradise full of sexual energy, connection and absolute relaxation. Relax, hot oil or massage cream… Nothing will be missing. A whole spiritual and physical experience that you will not live anywhere else.


In erotic massages at Hotel or home you have the option of choosing a female masseur, a male masseur, or a combination of both.


We also have a team of professional and beautiful male masseuses who are very experienced and skilled in tantra massage, in finding erogenous points and knowing how to please both men and women.

Erotic massage in hotel

this treatment, our professional masseuse will arrive very discreetly at your door, and will set the mood with candles and sensual music.

She will turn your room into a tantric sanctuary; Using her sensuality and charm, to give you just a drop of our ocean of sensations, during this simple treatment you will experience an erotic and tantric vibe that will give you an idea of ​​all the massages that our agency has to offer you.

If this is your first hotel erotic massage, we really recommend a 60 minute massage because with this sexy nude or topless service you will get 100% satisfaction and you can also extend the time if you wish.

In all our treatments, the masseuse will use high-quality oils, preheated to wrap you in a wave of sensuality and eroticism that will surely revitalize your body and mind. In the erotic massage in the hotel, the masseuse will wear a sexy thong or massage your body totally naked. You will use tantric and erotic techniques in this full body massage, before concluding the treatment with a happy ending.

Lola is our young Spanish erotic masseuse of great sympathy, smiling and great seductress, with a power of attraction that will not leave you indifferent at any time.


Lola has a statuesque and exuberant figure, she is a specialist in making you reach the most absolute pleasure just with the touch of her hands.


If what you want is to spend a time full of sensuality, she will take you to feel a great experience thanks to her sensuality and her overflowing energy.


Your choice with her will be perfect so that your tantra massage session reaches the hottest peak between your bodies.


With an elegant figure, black hair and a toned gym body, Lola will enchant you not only because of her beauty, but also because of her skills as a masseuse due to her experience, her tantric postures and the rhythm of her body rocking over yours to the sound of soft music. and slow that will make you enjoy every movement. Cover yourself with the aura of sensuality from her and positive energy from her.


You will feel an immense pleasure mixed with a delicious ending that will culminate with all your wishes.


She is a specialist in erotic showers, because she does not have any type of taboo and she will help you experience new forms of fun at the same time.


With Lola your tantric massage session will have been worth it, call now and book an appointment, what are you waiting for?


The best nuru massage in hotel Madrid. We are an erotic massage agency who provide the very best nuru massage Madrid. OUTCALL MASSAGE nuru massage in hotel Madrid Outcall Nuru massage Madrid .

We are an erotic massage agency who provide the very best nuru massage Madrid

To experience the very best of slippery Madrid nuru massage you have to make sure the masseuse knows exactly how to perform it.

This is a unique and highly erotic old Japanese massage style that needs to be done using the authentic methods for maximum enjoyment.

We are experts in nuru massage and will make your adult fantasy come true.

Browse our site to see what we do, how we do it, the girls that do it, and how we can do it to you.

Hotel tantra massage in Madrid Hotel Tantra Outcall massage

Hotel tantra massage in Madrid with Miriam.

Outcall massage in Madrid at your hotel and apartament

She available in Madrid from Friday.

The BEST outcall massage in
Hotel Tantra. Outcall massage in Madrid at your hotel and apartament



Young, educated, elegant, great body, Spanish, different, sensual and very sweet.

Attentive and committed to her work, she will knead every bit of your body with her expert and sweet hands at the same time.  Her massages are real, she uses the appropriate pressure of a real chiromassage in the first part and the second is dedicated to your sensitive relaxation in an exciting and prolonged session.

Also combining therapeutic techniques with foot massage or foot fetishism.
*special.( FOOTJOB )

Qualified professional massage therapist (demonstrable).

!Eye!  creates addiction!

If you want something more exciting, the art of sensual massage is one of the oldest in the world.
Natural oils, slow movements full of eroticism, exciting touches with different intensity on the entire surface of the body.  It enhances the circulation of sexual energy, increases vitality, physical strength.

It also teaches you to increase your ability to control pleasure, desire, to find ecstasy.  Serves classy gentlemen who want an authentic chiromassage with exquisite treatment.

You will notice the difference. Your time and investment will be well spent

100% real photo.  What you see is what you will find.

APPOINTMENTS AT LEAST ONE HOUR IN ADVANCE.  The maximum to guarantee availability.

Pay attention to the following tantric principles to enjoy what will be, perhaps, the best experience of your life…


  • Be simple and natural: do not stick to fashion or beauty stereotypes, there is no need to complicate or add layers of egos to the personality.
  • Live spontaneously: you will only achieve it by living from the heart, the mind calculates, projects and separates you from the present.
  • Do not seek control but fluidity: all control is unnatural. Everything that one wants to control escapes sooner or later like sand between the fingers, it is better to adapt to the natural movement of things.
  • Celebrate existence: Every day is special and is different every time. It is a choice a state of consciousness
  • live from freedom
  • raise the energy
  • meditate
  • Do not create conflicts between what you feel and what you think.
  • Be receptive, be open to the universe.
  • Focus the mind on the present.
  • Use energy creatively.
  • Take sex as a manifestation of two seeking to feel one.
  • Take care of the bindu, do not ejaculate

The BEST Erotic massage in hotel Barcelona. Hotel Tantra. Outcall massage in Barcelona. Miriam Spanish erotic masseuse. Hotel tantra massage Barcelona



Spanish erotic masseuse

Miriam is our young, beautiful and sensual erotic masseuse, no less expert for that, since she has a special gift for massages, managing to maintain pleasure and desire throughout the massage, thus achieving a more pleasant and intense orgasm than expected. usual difficult to forget.


Exuberant, attractive and purely exciting, you will feel her statuesque body on yours to the rhythm of the sensual music that will accompany you throughout the session.


Delicately work every inch of your body, going through it sinuously and with great dedication so that you experience what a true erotic massage is.


Let yourself be carried away by the company and the sweetness of this masseuse who will make you disconnect from reality the first moment you cross your eyes.




Spanish nationality


Age: 25


Height: 1.60


Hair: Blonde


Blue eyes

Footjob, literally “footjob” or “footjob“, is a word of English origin, derived from the term handjob, to refer to sexual practice with the feet, and whose term can be identified with the acronym FJ. Footjob refers to using the feet in sex.

In this activity, the feet (usually barefoot, but also with heels, boots, sandals or socks) are placed on the penis, and the soles of the feet or the toes are caressed.

It is considered part of foot fetishism, if there is an exclusive interest in that part of the body. There are various methods or “postures” to perform this practice, among which we can find:

  • Standard Footjob: The entire foot is used, both the sole and the toes, to stimulate the genitals.
  • Toejob: The stimulation focuses on the use of the fingers and nails with small tickles.
  • Solejob: The penis is rubbed on the soles of the feet.

Although this practice is closely related to foot fetishism, it is not exclusive, and is also often practiced as a form of domination.

Shower Massage Outcall Madrid. What is the shower massage Madrid? It is about sharing with one of our sensual and very professional masseurs. Outcall massage

Shower Massage Outcall Madrid

We present you one of the massages star of Hotel tantra massage Agency, the erotic and sensual massage in the shower made by the best erotic masseuses that will not leave you indifferent.

What is the shower massage Madrid? It is about sharing with one of our sensual and very professional masseurs, an erotic shower with hot water in the same room of your hotel, so you do not have to move even.

The erotic masseuse that you choose will guide the water throughout your body, massaging all your body at the same time, paying special attention to your erogenous zones. A game of seduction and delicacy that will help you get intimate with the masseuse from the initial moment.

In Outcall Massage Madrid we give a return to the daily obligatory initial shower and we turn it into the best preliminary imaginable to finish it with a very special happy ending in the same shower. But that’s not all … The shower massage is divided into two parts, a first erotic massage in the shower and a second sensual massage in bed that will also end with a spectacular happy ending. The skin-to-skin contact with the masseur will provoke arousal prior to the erotic massage that the masseuse will continue to prolong during the tantric session.

In addition, the sensual masseuse will create a relaxing and calm environment with different techniques: adapting the dim light of the room, the heat and even the smell through aromatic oils.

Thus, from Outcall Massage Madrid, we encourage you to try the shower massage and we assure you that it will not leave you indifferent. For just € 300, enjoy the pleasure and relaxation for 90 minutes (or longer if you prefer) and disconnect from daily responsibilities and work routines. € 220 1 hour 60 minutes

For any doubt about the shower massage, do not hesitate to contact the people in charge of Outcall Massage Madrid, who will guide you and solve all your doubts. If you need to disconnect from daily routine, stress, work and worries …

We wait for you at Outcall Massage Madrid to offer you moments of relaxation and disconnection along with the greatest eroticism of the city. The best combination to relax and start the next working day with enthusiasm and energy.