Mutual Massage in Madrid and Barcelona

Today, there are a variety of erotic massage , but certainly one of the most enjoyable and exciting are those made with the mirror technique.

This technique is part of what are called interactive massage , which are characterized by the person receiving the massage is also involved in it. That is, there is no person giving the massage and another who receives lying on a massage table, but throughout the session, the two people change roles. This exchange can occur in different ways, but the most common is to first be one who gives the massage while the other remains lying and then exchange their places. However, there are other techniques in which the massage erotic is not caused by shifts, but there is a permanent interaction between two people . In them, the two people give and receive massage simultaneously.

This is the case of the based on the mirror technique massage, in which two people are both massage therapist and patient. As the name implies, this type of massage based on the idea that the other person would be our reflection in a mirror, so you should do the same as us and follow all our movements.

To do this we need to have a comfortable place in that we will not be interrupted. It is also necessary that temperature is appropriate , since, first thing to do is undress. Once we have done, we sat in front of our partner, so that your knees are touching. One of the two partners massage starts choosing an area and working on it. For example, you can start by the neck and shoulders. When finished, the other person should do the same movements. Then the first choose another area and the second also repeated, and so on. After a while, you can exchange the roles of who decides and who follows the movements. If you need massaging an area of ​​the body to which we have no access being seated, we can lie down for the duration of that particular technique. It is a massage very pleasant, because it allows decide what areas we want to fondle and caress us, but also give in to the wishes of the other.


Enjoy an erotic massage in the shower a couple.

Sharing the shower with your partner can be a time tremendously erotic . There are many couples who take the opportunity to caress, to have some private time or enjoy a sexual encounter , but we can also opt for a erotic massage.

The massage should be done standing and in a not too large space, so there are some limitations. However, in return, also it has some attractions that make it particularly exciting, like the fact that our partner is fully naked and wet . erotic massage in the shower should be done standing, so we can not work on the legs or feet. For those that these areas of the body like or excite them especially can be a problem, but we still have available the rest of the body, with such erogenous zones as the breasts or genitals .

A good way to start the massage can be performing a technique that relax the muscles of the other person, especially in those places where accumulates much voltage as the neck and shoulders. Then we can continue massaging the back . To do this, we will make small circular movements and pressures knuckles and thumbs. These pressures must be somewhat stronger than a caress but not so much that could cause upset. Then we can move to the actual erotic massage , sliding our hands on your rear and inner thighs .

Another way to start raising the temperature before the erotic massage soaping to the other person. We can start giving soap in less erogenous zones, such as shoulders or arms and continue for more exciting , according to our wishes. Then we can dispense with the sponge and continue with our own hands, using soap to replace oil massage. Another practice that is tremendously erotic to many people is that you wash your hair. It may seem like fetishist , but the truth is that the skin of the scalp is very sensitive, so it is especially receptive to the touch . If you also take the opportunity to give a massage with the fingertips, the result can be explosive.

On the other hand, we can also include in massage different supplements that help us make it even more erotic, like massage balls, shower gels aphrodisiacs or scented candles with exciting smells.

Prostate massage to your hotel or address available in erotic massage with prostate massage in madrid hotel tantra massage in Madrid and barcelona in your hotel room Hotel tantra massage

The prostate massage is the centre for not only men’s sexual desires, but also his disappointments, hates, hostilities, stresses, and feelings of inadequacy. Unreleased negative emotions, stored in the male G-spot, are an important source of prostate gland problems.
Male G-spot massage can also be used to enhance lovemaking. The massage is more pleasurable for a man when he is sexually excited, and it will produce a mind-blowing ejaculation if it’s done during lovemaking. Regular sexual activity is good for the male G-spot because the rush of blood and energy, as well as the prostate’s pulsations during ejaculation, help the gland to maintain its muscular strength and flexibility and also act to cleanse the organ. Regular ejaculation also helps to release the emotional blockages that cause hardening of the prostate gland and tightening of the surrounding tissues.

Prostate massage to your hotel or address available in erotic massage with prostate massage in madrid hotel tantra massage  and barcelona in your hotel room