Young, educated, elegant, great body, Spanish, different, sensual and very sweet.

Attentive and committed to her work, she will knead every bit of your body with her expert and sweet hands at the same time.  Her massages are real, she uses the appropriate pressure of a real chiromassage in the first part and the second is dedicated to your sensitive relaxation in an exciting and prolonged session.

Also combining therapeutic techniques with foot massage or foot fetishism.
*special.( FOOTJOB )

Qualified professional massage therapist (demonstrable).

!Eye!  creates addiction!

If you want something more exciting, the art of sensual massage is one of the oldest in the world.
Natural oils, slow movements full of eroticism, exciting touches with different intensity on the entire surface of the body.  It enhances the circulation of sexual energy, increases vitality, physical strength.

It also teaches you to increase your ability to control pleasure, desire, to find ecstasy.  Serves classy gentlemen who want an authentic chiromassage with exquisite treatment.

You will notice the difference. Your time and investment will be well spent

100% real photo.  What you see is what you will find.

APPOINTMENTS AT LEAST ONE HOUR IN ADVANCE.  The maximum to guarantee availability.

Book your sensual massage at a hotel in Madrid.

In this treatment, our professional masseuse will arrive very discreetly at your door, and will set the mood with candles, incense and sensual music.

She will turn your room into a tantric sanctuary; Using her sensuality and charm, to give you just a drop of our ocean of sensations, during this simple treatment you will experience an erotic and tantric vibe that will give you an idea of ​​all the massages that our agency has to offer you.

If this is your first time with us, we really recommend a 60 minute massage because with this sexy nude service you will get 100% satisfaction. Although time is also extensible.

In all our treatments, the masseuse will use high quality oils, preheated to your choice or cold, creams to wrap you in a wave of sensuality and eroticism that will surely revitalize your body and mind, She will use her body, she will use tantric and erotic techniques in this massage full body, before concluding the treatment with a happy ending.

Erotic massage Marbella hotel with Irina.


Irina is a young Russian erotic female masseuse. Sleek, slim and blond she has the measurements of a model.


She has a harmonious and caring body with beautiful and spectacular natural breasts, which will move over your body so that your experience in the world of erotic massage will never be forgotten.


Irina disarm you with the professionalism of her massage and the closeness of her as a woman; Great massage lingam; she knows what touch points so that your whole body responds to touch her like a fire ignited by burning nicely. She has a unique sensuality, a nice touch and will endeavor your massage is unique!


Experience all the emotion you can imagine as you go up the erotic massage of her.



Erotic massage in Madrid with Natascya.

If you are a gentleman who wants to meet a real luxury erotic masseuse then do not hesitate to quote Natascya.


She is a feminine lady, she dresses very elegantly and takes care of every detail of her image. She in turn has an affectionate, sweet and romantic personality.

She is a refined, tall, beautiful and pleasant masseuse.

She has spectacular blonde hair and an incredible body.

Specialties within erotic massage:

  •  prostate massage
  •  Therapeutic
  •  Thais
  •  lingham massage
  •  Body to body
  •  Relaxing and decontracting

Erotic massage in Madrid,the best Outcall Service

Benefits of receiving an erotic massage

The erotic massage session will see your beautiful companion gliding her body on yours, giving you amazing sensations and lovingly caressing every inch of your body. She’ll slide her hands along your neck, back and body, slowly relieving you of any stress and letting you forget the problems you have to deal with.

t’s an amazing adventure that will simultaneously soothe your nerves and exhilarate your inner sensual core. It’s a great tool to activate your sensory side and help fight against seasonal depression, tiredness and busy schedules. Uplifting your mood, it will rejuvenate you for weeks. That’s why we would advise considering the services of a professional sexual massage specialist before important events, negotiations or competitions.

this encounter will help your body produce endorphins, known as “hormones of happiness”. These chemicals have a direct impact on the way your brain and body work, bringing a “bouncy” robust feel to everything you do and everywhere you go.

The happy ending in the sensual massage will help your body get in touch with its sexual core, bringing the long-awaited release and helping cleanse of any stress and negative energy, so prevalent in the lives of today’s

should you focus on your feelings and sensations, you’ll be able to learn how to get in sync with the female companion next to you. Use these insights to become a better fit for the women in your life. Learn how to activate their zones and how to extend the foreplay, edging on the cusp of the penetrative pleasure, but not entering that realm yet.

During the session of erotic massage you will achieve a special state of weightlessness and bliss that you have had hardly ever experienced before in your life. You’ll receive a tangible effect of an energy surge, pleasant sexual excitement, complete harmony with yourself and with the world around you.


Erotic massage in topless 40 minutes | Hotel Tantra.

It is a professional massage, in which the masseuse, in topless, will only take a tham and will mix professional therapeutic massage techniques with erotic, exchanging melee and erotic postures, ending in a lingam massage, it is the ideal massage if you have little time and it is the first time you contact us, since it is a way to have a first contact and see if you like our style to the time to perform massages.

They work all areas of the body, back, legs, buttocks, head, and the most intimate.
Yes you like it a lot … you can always extend the time!!
Taxis are included as long as you are inside the city centre.

If you’re traveling on business, you can make it a pleasure. A erotic massage is as accustomed as you are to travel

Travelling together is a very common option, esrotic masseurs have a very good willingness to travel, it is an exciting adventure with glamour.

Especially when it comes to a trip for several days, it is important to contrast in detail the wishes of you, with the characteristics and desires of the masseuse to ensure as much as possible a good feeling, both at the level of coexistence and intimacy, we have the statistical satisfaction that the vast majority of travel experiences are very successful

  • The BEST outcall massage in Madrid

 Hotel Tantra is an agency of Spanish and Russian masseuses designed for relaxation and pure eroticism. Outcall massage in Madrid is a paradise created to enjoy the most sensual and exciting massages you have ever enjoyed. With techniques specialized in stimulating all erogenous areas that can be experienced with a real erotic massage.

Our masseuses have been selected following strict criteria.

Our team of professional and erotic masseuses of Madrid, is an Eden of fantasies that are transmitted through erotic Tantric massage, discovering all the pleasures that your body holds. All our masseuses are experts in therapeutic and erotic massages, will lead you to a world of pleasure and sensations, destined to both men and women and couples.

Massage Agency Erotic massage Erotic massage for both women and men and couples. It is the ideal place to enjoy your body with our erotic massages, always focused on your pleasure and wellbeing, stimulate each part of the body to reach the climax.

Footjob, (literally “work with the feet ” or “footwork “) is a word of English origin, derived from the term “sex”, to refer to the sexual practice with the feet, Although this practice is closely related to foot fetishism, it is not exclusive, and is also usually practiced as domination. It should be remarked that it is not a unique practice towards man. This practice is also done in women, of course, with some differences.It is considered part of foot fetish if there is an exclusive interest in that part of the body. Other related terms are the toejob, centered on the toes and the solejob, with the soles of the feet.

In this activity is placed the feet (usually barefoot, but also with heels, boots, sandals or socks) on the penis, and caresses it with the soles of the feet or toes.

They enjoy practicing with their partners The Footjob technique, which consists of an erotic massage practiced with the feet.


Enjoy our erotic massage with the feet and foot fetishism, footjob in madrid, sensual massage with the feet, our masseuses specialists in footjob highlight eva and lucia, they have small and beautiful feet, very sexy, that you will not be able to resist, in addition to giving you the massage with your feet, you can caress them, kiss them and adore them, and finish your orgasm with feet,happy ending with feet

If you like sexy and well-kept pretty feet, small and talented, book your footjob massage and we will massage your hotel with footjob in Madrid

Tantra Luxury Massage Agency, leader of erotic massages in hotel, you gives the Welcome to the art of the massage erotic in Madrid, Ibiza and Barcelona, with a service exclusive, specialized in the discretion and the professionalism. Our massage awaken sensations of pleasure and arousal, causing a great satisfaction, to discover a world of sensations numbed by the worries and stress. Set the room of his hotel to convert the erotic massage in an experience unforgettable and transport you to the space of the sensitivity that merged the body and the mind, reaching the greater Ecstasy sensory. Have with elegant masseuses formed in various areas of the massage erotic, as carried out massages with technical Tantric, Thai and Balinese. If seeks a service completely custom and different, not dude in know us, provide them massage best prepared and of a quality exceptional, since are detailed in finalize every detail for so get an experience unique. Prepare to enjoy unforgettable moments: Tantra is a company specializing in Tantric and erotic massage  oriented to massages at the hotel sector, offer a high quality service, since we have extensive experience in the world of massages. The masseuses more sensual and elegant, that unforgettable sensations they drawn on your body with your hands. In your hotel without need of move you, with the comfort that venias looking for your trip, guaranteeing the maximum discretion.

We work by appoiment