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Tantric principles to enjoy the best experience of your life

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Pay attention to the following tantric principles to enjoy what will be, perhaps, the best experience of your life … simple and natural: do not get attached to fashion or beauty stereotypes, no need to complicate or egos to adhere layers of personality . Live spontaneously only get living from the heart, the mind calculates, […]

Why choose a mutual massage?

Today, there are a variety of erotic massage , but certainly one of the most enjoyable and exciting are those made with the mirror technique. This technique is part of what are called interactive massage , which are characterized by the person receiving the massage is also involved in it. That is, there is no […]

Enjoy an erotic massage in the shower a couple

Sharing the shower with your partner can be a time tremendously erotic . There are many couples who take the opportunity to caress, to have some private time or enjoy a sexual encounter , but we can also opt for a erotic massage. The massage should be done standing and in a not too large […]


The prostate is the centre for not only men’s sexual desires, but also his disappointments, hates, hostilities, stresses, and feelings of inadequacy. Unreleased negative emotions, stored in the male G-spot, are an important source of prostate gland problems. Male G-spot massage can also be used to enhance lovemaking. The massage is more pleasurable for a […]