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Balinese massage.Millennial technique from bali, the relaxing massage with the eroticism you were looking for

 Balinese massage is an ancestral therapy for self healing. Its procedure is the island of Bali. This is what is known as Jamu (Indonesia’s own medical system). The traditional Balinese massage in a combination of techniques, including acupressure, massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and stretching in the same session. It is carried a corporal with natural oil […]

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Erotic massage in Hotel in Madrid

Erotic massage in Hotel in Madrid. Currently in the majority of hotels of luxury or semi-luxury, in Madrid usually offer the service of massage therapeutic. However, is certain that being Madrid a capital important in travel of business, or simply of relaxation and rest, them executives and vacationers requested each time more another type of […]


Tantra massage in hotel room

the BEST Tantra Massage in hotel. Our masseuses, implement their hands and some areas of your body, about the customer who is lying down, you can also participate with a smooth interaction with the masseuse. You will be guided by your massage to different poses Tantric that you take to a State intense of eroticism. […]

Erotic massage in Madrid

Erotic massage in Madrid . Outcall massage at your hotel room Most common is the emergence of a high load of body touching on fantasies female than in the male, which is not accidental, since the female erotic is rather more body and delight or ride than the male. Although this fact does not prevent […]

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Outcall massage in Madrid, tantric and erotic massage , the best OUTCALL serivce

OUTCALL MASSAGE IN MADRID Today, because of our stressful pace of life, we are at the end of the day, extremely tired, tense, nervous, stressed, and in many cases in a hotel room where we have a bed that is not ours, and therefore do not get the rest necessary to recover from a hard […]

Erotic massage with BDSM

Erotic massage with BDSM is a little darker, although no less fun. For those of you who enjoy the world of fetish and mild domination, this is the perfect choice. You will find many of the masseuses we work with really do enjoy this sensual, sometimes painful and always exciting service! This is an out-call […]


Kundalini energy

  It is said that kundalini energy lives at the base of the spine and contains the libidinal energy of the body, so it is very often associated with orgasm and sexual pleasure. The beliefs and practices related to kundalini come from Hinduism and Buddhism. Raising kundalini can be a rather intense experience and it […]

Tantric Sex

Tantric sex courses and workshops are abundant nowadays and drive significant amount of attention from general public. People are eager to learn and explore their own sexuality and that of their partner. Surprisingly though, tantric sex is not about orgasm. It simply not the main objective of Tantra, believe me or not. It is about […]