Tantric and erotic massage in Hotel 


Why in your Hotel?

Why travel to a city you hardly know or waste your valuable time in traffic jams and traffic lights?After a hard day at work, a successful meeting or a tourist visit, you deserve to relax in the intimacy and comfort of your room.Tantra Hotel takes responsibility for turning your room into a true paradise of sensations.We offer exquisite quality in a comfortable, discrete and punctual service.

Erotic and Tantric massage

Thousand-year-old technnique of Hindu origin. It consists of the prolongation of the orgasm. By means of caresses, and confidence we will manage to come to the climax with major intensity. A deep massage lingam was taking us for a new and unknown world that will provide unknown pleasures to us.


The perception of the scent is a fundamental part of the nature of the human being. Historically the people have used lotions and perfumes, not only for pretense, but because it stimulates the senses, of a positive way, with relaxing and therapeutic effects.